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  • "I am bored from responding to you now. GOODBYE." is a euphemism for "I suck at debating compared to your superior arguing skills, I lost!"
    oh so you have this separete line dividing cyber AND real world? That's interesting. So who am I dealing with now? Your cyber existence or your real you? Because I think both are retarded. And if you don't have decent friends from your so-called cyber world, you wouldn't have any from the "REAL WORLD" And I don't have to infalte my peanut-size brain anymore because it's not the size it matters. It's more about quality. My peanut size brain has a higher IQ than your massive brain with no connection between neutron.
    according to your theory, i am human. btw my level of retardedness is under control, whereas your isn't. and i am not talking to you, i am responding specially to your retarded mind. but that retarded mind is all there is to you anyway. HAHAHAHA
    i am seeing how you are changing the subject everytime you post, clearly you have some communication problem. your level of retardedness clearly has overcome your brain and affecting every sense possible. poor girl, kill yourself
    yeah, she did. i go to mentally gifted institution of nsw. but i think i saw you when my mate got his brain addled and went to retarded school of nsw.
    you don't need to be saddened by your lack of knowledge in comparison to my great reservoir of knowledge and expertise in this website.
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