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    MQ Chatter Thread

    SL buses are actually not too bad from what I've experienced so far. Sometimes my trip is actually shorter than if I caught the train because the buses are so frequent. The number of people they pay to stand around is bit excessive though.
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    Science Subject Review Thread

    Unit Code: BIOL114 (From Organisms to Ecosystems) Difficulty: Easy Lecturer: Bruno Buzatto Tutor: Simon, Gabriel et al. Year and Semester Taken: 2018 Session 1 Workload: Very much manageable. There are two lectures each week, but they can get very fast-paced and content-heavy. Many of them...
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    MQ Mentoring - LEAP Program

    Has anyone previously done this? If so, how did you find the experience? I am slightly surprised by the formality of the application process (two-person interview, reference checks, etc.) considering it is for a volunteer position. Then again, I am fairly inexperienced in terms of volunteer...
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    How to study for english

    Lol I'd just briefly study each poem and make sure the themes/ideas/whatever are familiar. Focus on a few which you prefer most if you want, especially if they have given you the question beforehand. In the actual HSC you'll have to rely on your memory, so best to just start learning some off by...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Probs a late reply by now but estudent works for me atm.
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    Rates of change

    For Q1, I changed R to "dR/dt" because it concerns the rate of water flowing out over time. Integrating this with the bounds being 0 and 3 gives you the total volume of water released when 0 < t < 3. For Q1 ii), if you let dR/dt = 0 and then solve for t, you get t=7 or t=-1, but time cannot be...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Just had the midsem test and you were right, the marks/min was pretty high. Didn't finish entirely on time but I am somewhat happy with what I wrote (gave it a fair go). Feeling really burnt out with STAT171 atm though, we're just finishing Statistical inference, and the concept of 'power' is...
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    MQ Scholarships - how do they work?

    Still haven't heard anything from MQ after accepting the offer. Might have to contact them soon just to check.
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    Tips on starting Yr 11

    I remember looking at my friends' notes for business studies and the pages were always filled with acronyms.
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    Tips on starting Yr 11

    Pretty much everything the guy above me has said. I also handwrote my notes for everything except English. Dont stress out too much, especially if you feel like you are struggling at the beginning - Year 11 can definitely feel like a big leap from junior school (though that obv varies on the...
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    Does your student DEC email expire upon graduation?

    As stated above. Just curious to see how long it will take before my DEC email shuts down - if it does anyway.
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    To all those who went to selective high schools

    There's always a bunch of people who do that. Imo its their loss as well because teaching someone who is struggling with a concept will also help yourself in remembering and understanding it more clearly. :lol:
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    Eddie Woo to give 2018 Australia Day Address

    Eddie woo is a maths legend. I look forward to hearing his speech!
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    To all those who went to selective high schools

    Hello there, I can't speak for all selective high schools because they will vary a lot depending on the one you go to. But to speak very generally and broadly, the environment will probably be much more competitive compared to a regular comprehensive. Depending on the student, there will be...
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    How many of you guys play an instrument

    Acoustic guitar Ukulele albeit pretty bad at both lol.