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  • If you want to get straight into vet science after school and are happy to travel to any of the seven universities then you need to do well but not amazing as long as you get some vet clinic work experience. The vet entry requirements have been declining because the unemployment has increased to one in five graduates. Many vet students have now also done another degree before entry. More here: ausvetnet.wordpress.com
    For a paediatrician you will need significantly better marks to gain entry than vet because there is more competition due partly to the better career prospects. Again you can get into medicine after doing another degree at university.
    Hello to all!
    I just wanted to know if HSC Chemistry is hard... Considering the fact that I am more of a humanities person, I will need to do it if I were to become a Veterinary Scientist or a Paediatrician.
    However, I believe I should choose my subjects according to what I'm good at.
    Any ideas or suggestions?
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