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  • Hey Patar, my name is Jonah and i'm currently doing HSC Ancient History. You posted a document of the "Development and nature of Athenian democracy" which was extremely helpful. I was just wondering if you have any other documents or sources about Athenian democracy ? I have a assesment which focuses on the significance and role of democracy in athenian society and how Pericles role in the development of it. I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions ?
    Nah soz, I went to the Entrance High at Bateau Bay. I know a few Gosford students, mainly 09ers.
    However 'it' (all aspects of life) are going quite well atm :D
    Hey Patar. Sorry I haven't checked Bored of Studies since a long time ago. I do remember that you helped me during my HSC, thank you for that XD I did surprisingly fine in English. I got 89 in the HSC exams, and 80 for internal mark, so that averages to a mark of 85, which was above my expectation. Ended up with a UAI of 97.90, and went to do a vet course in Murdoch University (WA). I'm transferring back to the vet course at the University of Sydney though, in 2010. How are you going?
    why thankyou :) birthday was nice but a bit fail because i couldn't go out (killed my contacts so can't see til tues when i get a new pair) :(

    i meant usyd rift as in the infighting between usyd bosers atm. it's getting a little ridiculous.

    would it be weird if i asked for your email? (i tend to check my email more than bos :p )
    meat = lots of internet people meeting up. though there's currently a bit of a rift between the usyders >.> you should still meet me though :)

    awesome that you're moving out! UTS housing will be mad fun! kinda jealous :p
    argh. i completely forgot about year of the flood and didnt go get it :(

    will defs meet you if you end up coming down to our small corner of the world :) if you're not too weirded out by meeting internet people you should come to a meat
    also, much excitement! just found a copy of tim winton's Breathe. this does not bode well for history exam hmmm
    I've actually applied to change my degree! From B Psych (science) to B Psych (arts). Which essentially means it's the same, and i'm still a science faculty kid but i can get that english major now :D because i'm changing my degree, i actually discontinued my two maths subjects, and seeing as i handed in a philosophy of science essay last week, i only have two exams. psych tomoz and history on fri. yay! i'm rather excited about some of the english courses i want to take next year :eek:

    I've only read the penelopiad by margaret atwood which i found rather unsatisfying tbh. But year of the flood has been added to my 'must read' list. hopefully i'll get to that during holidays

    that's awesome that you're coming to the glasslands next year, even if it is only for one subject :p if you end up doing psych, give me a yell & i'll hit you up with some notes

    how's life in the tower of terror treating you? exams must be about now if i've been paying attention to my friends...
    yeah i know the feeling. i had who graduated in 05 say hi to me at uni the other day :confused:

    atm i have partly pink hair so it's kinda recognisable lol
    haha what do you look like? or is that too weird a question?

    and yeah i've done the allnighter in uts 24hr spaces before :eek:
    i was at snowball too actually! we could've seen each other and not realised :O haha

    will check out that book next time i'm at a library and can find it :) have you read The Turning by Tim Winton? it's the book (or technically collection of short stories) that made me want to do ee2
    i had to stop posting in my other account and seeing as The Bedroom Philosopher is amazing, figured i'd get my postmodern on :p and with the end of the banana era, it was time to express my feminist inclincations once more

    i couldn't bear the thought of giving up english, so i'm actually using all my spare units on english subjects even though i'm technically in the science faculty and it's pretty much what keeps me sane most days. i've also still been doing a lot of writing with some bits getting published which is awesome. would love to do a masters in english literature over at cambridge after my honours, but i figure that's a few years away still. i just can't see myself not having english/history in my life i guess?

    was actually out at a uni party last night haha pretty sure we pwn uts when it comes to that, though i am somewhat jealous you have pool tables actually in glasshouse where we have to go to a complete other building than manning :(
    that's pretty cool hey. it's rebekkie btw. you might remember me as one of those awesome english people :D i still post because i've now met a lot of the usyd kids and other bosers. i'm doing B Psych @ usyd and loving it. though i have no idea what i want to do with it when i finish
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