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Recent content by PattieBoi

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    Scale Down?

    Get at least a Band 5 and you should be sweet.
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    Who feels really bad about their Atar?

    Pfft it's not too late you know. A 70+ ATAR is still achievable at this stage. Just ace most of your assessments and you'll be sweet.
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    Cert ii!?

    You obviously weren't competent enough. I GOT MY THOUGH :D
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    Post your Boxing Day Sale shopping list!

    Yeah wtf. Westfields Parramatta and Penrith were closed. Cbf going to the city. Anywho, my boxing day shopping list was: - Board shorts - Shirts - Jeans
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    Where's the middle ground?

    We had quite a number of 90s from my school. A lot of 80s.
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    Who feels really bad about their Atar?

    The only reason Uni is harder than Year 11 and 12 is because you don't have teachers spoon feeding you (admit it bitches, you all got spoon fed at some stage during senior high school). I mean, if you're smart enough to go through Year 11 and 12 without failing, then you should be smart enough...
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    Who didn't receive their course scores in the mail from BOS today?

    I got my postal ATAR yesterday and my BOS summary today.
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    Do I still have a chance?

    Thanks guys! What if I do, say Primary Education at ACU Canberra which has a cut off of 58.8 - would I be able to transfer after the first year and do Secondary?
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    How to be a nurse with a crap ATAR??

    Honestly, it doesn't matter what University you go to because at the end of the day, you still walk out with the same degree. The only difference is the whole reputation shenanigan!
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    Do I still have a chance?

    I got an ATAR of 47.90 and was looking at doing B.Arts/B.Teaching (Secondary - Technology) at ACU. I looked at the bonus points and it says I should 3 boinus points because I got a Band 5 in Hospitality. Are there any other ways I can get bonus points? For example, coz I attended a catholic...
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    Early Entry?

    Dumbshit. What does UTS have to do with ACU? Congrats btw!
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    English Standard

    Congrats to everyone who got higher than a Band 4. I'm happy with my Band 4 but a Band 5 would have been nice.
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    Difference in marks between your best and worst subjects?

    Best: Hospitality 81 Worst: Biology 53 Difference: 28
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    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    LOL, mine's probably the shittest in this thread: Biology - Band 2 English Std - Band 4 SOR1 - Band 4 General Maths - Band 3 Environmental Science - Band 3 Hospitality - Band 5 Estimated ATAR is 52