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    Can i answer the question this way?

    in the paper one section 3 question discoveries can be transformative: And I said they have a duality where they aren't and are Can this be done?
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    Compare Newton's concept of escape velocity with the modern version

    newton considered a projectile launched horizontally from a mountain. the faster the launch velocity, the further the projectile would travel untill eventually a velocity would be reachered whereby the projectile would circle the earth, never landing. this would be when the fall o the projectie...
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    Information and Digital Technology Notes (Web Software Applications)

    hi could you please make a google drive link as Mediafire requires a paid account to download
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    HELP pls senior science or IDT

    so years wrapping up quick and i have 12u math physics ipt idt eng std senior sci and i want to drop either senior science or IDT, what should i do my marks are roughly the same for both.
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    How to study IPT?

    learn terms
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    Atar estimate

    508 - school rank
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    Atar estimate

    English standard 37/60 physics 1/8 maths 3/9 senior science 1/18 IPT 4/9 IDT 2/8