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    2019 HSC Distinguished Achievers (Band 6/Band E4)

    I posted it in the other thread, but here is the link:
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    HSC Marks Thread 2019

    Distinguished Achievers List: As a spreadsheet to allow sorting and searching:
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    I posted in your other thread, but here it is:
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    Distinguished Achievers List 2018 (Excel file)

    Here it is: And if any of the moderators would like to host it here I don't mind.
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Your raw mark was in the low 40s, around 42 or 43. That gap between your exam mark and assessment mark is very large. I would suggest getting a clerical recheck.
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    HSC PDHPE raw marks 2017

    It's hard to be 100% sure due to option question scaling, but the cut-off is about 81.
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    A few questions - state ranks, the newspaper for band 6s and allrounders Download it to Excel instead of trying to view it in Google sheets.
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    Distinguished Achievers List

    That was the plan but the new format of the list broke my script. Sorry everyone.
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    Distinguished Achievers List (with sortable Excel file)

    In 2014 there were 1062, 31.50% of candidates. In 2013 there were 1086, 33.96% of candidates. Here's a list of their distribution, only showing schools with 5 or more. These account for 806 of the 1062 E4s. School Number of E4s James Ruse Agricultural High School 93 Baulkham Hills High School...
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    Distinguished Achievers List (with sortable Excel file)

    Re: Distinguished Achievers List General Mathematics 2
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    Scaling when you're the only person in your class?

    It doesn't apply to English Extension 2 because there is no exam, but for other subjects you need to consider what happens if you're in a class of 1 and you have to apply for illness/misadventure for the HSC exam. I think you get your school assessment mark as your exam mark (and hence moderated...
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    Distinguished Achievers List (with sort/searchable excel file)

    Re: Distinguished Achievers List Here it is in Excel format, sorted by school. Rafy - please feel free to host it on boredofstudies.
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    How many students are doing the HSC in 2011?

    It's all here -