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  • to get to the other side lool..thats funny

    how is/did your exams going/go?
    Do I detect a slight note of sarcasm...or am I just imagining things?

    Anyways...yeah, being a slave there is kinda..lame now. It was ok a couple years ago, 'cept now, it just irritates me sometimes. Only good thing is they pay me lol.
    Nah, not really. I actually got trained on checkouts the day the self-serves got installed, so that's just a silly theory. I always make sure I tell that story to all the old complainants who say "So..they replacing ya, are they?" while gesturing to them

    Recovery just sucks now because our store can't be bothered to roster more than 2 a night
    well...sometimes im on checkouts, sometimes im on self-serve, and sometimes im on recovery. recovery is crap now..self-serve is much better
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