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  • I'm good n co0o0o0l ~~~~

    Heyyy how r u dude?

    Why u sticking ith nahh, BTW ... it's Amna not Amnahhh hehehe
    You sound out of the world, MAN!!!!!! Are you about to discover this condom... idea is fascinating!!! ;)
    Okay so you're Nepali.. not far from my country.

    Male hookers OH GOD... again this words makes me arrghhh

    Find something else for getting paid :p, once someone opts for prostitution it brings STDs.
    Well, only if you insist. But then i have to take plastic surgery and grow shorter? Dunno if im gona make it by ur exam.
    After I wrote that mars is hot I was confused coz then it came over me that it's far from the sun so how could it be hot...lol

    And you procrastinated lol now c'mon go and finish ur work..
    lol getlost from BoS. :p:p:p
    Seriously, go study man.
    Yepp well I agree with you on that. =)
    No worries.The word associators are just bored like us. :D
    Lol, no. Arts is something entirely different to Visual Arts. Arts is basically a Humanities (or social science) category where you can specialise in one thing and do Masters on that. But yerr, me doiingz Arts/Teaching hence have double majors, in English and Studies of Religion. Thus, am planning to be a secondary teacherrrrrrrr.

    Haha, yepp. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    guys being short, yh i guess it is ok.
    i dont have guys friends that are short, who cares if
    you are, you stand out from the crowd :D

    "knowing certain women are completely out of your league XD" bahah funny.

    i have birthday parties every year because my dad arranges them, but then again
    it nice to just have the people you care about around you on that day then, the
    whole world :p
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