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  • hey mate, i see you're doing civil + environmental engineering at uts, im thinking of doing that next year. Can you give me a few details on what it's like, what you study/do and do you regret it? thanks, any help would be appreciated!
    is it better to do chem eng in unsw or do mech eng in uts with the 1 year internship. I really like phys and maths though. I don't mind what course I get in to. just the quality of uni I guess and perhaps the job demands for future years is what I'm worried about
    Haha nope. I was one of those people who was under 18, so I didn't see the point in staying even if the bar was open. Lee was in my camp group so I know her.
    thanks for voting :)
    can you provide examples for both boys and girls in my thread?
    pics if possible :)

    thanks so much :)
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