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    Need female year 11, 1-on-1 Mathematics Extension 1 tutoring in the Blacktown Area

    Hi! I'm going into year 11 next year and I need a female year 11 private tutor for Mathematics Extension 1 in the Blacktown area (or nearby). I would like it if the price is below $40 per hour. Thanks!
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    ATAR Estimate Post-Trials - 90+?

    Oh wow, did you end up getting the atar you wanted?
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    Atar estimate?

    My school ranking is 300+ Subject | Mark | Rank Mathematics Advanced | 78% | 5/50 Chemistry | 76% | 4/50 Biology | 86% | 3/50 English Advanced | 56% | 20/50 Business Studies | 94% | 1/50
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    Move to Girraween?

    I'm currently in year 9 in a school that ranks 400+ but I mostly get high 90's and rank 1st or top 3 in most my subjects. I've been offered accelerate in my school and I was thinking of moving to Girraween for year 10 but it's now too late (applications closed July). Should I still apply for...
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    School's effect on ATAR

    Thank you so much! But what if I hapoen to come 2nd or 3rd in a subject or two? How heavily will that affect my ATAR?
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    School's effect on ATAR

    I was just wondering, I go to a school that is ranked 400+ (so that isn't very good at all). How heavily will that affect my ATAR? (I'm currently in year 9 but my average marks are high 90's and my ranks are either 1st or top 5).