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  • well yea its HSC gotta put in shit ton of effort to get the max marks possible, hopefully engineering will be a good year for me :D
    damn nice, i had to do a report on engineering personal and public transport, did 11k words at 37 pages long haha. I remember doing balsa bridge in year 9, failed though at 10kg lel
    same 100%, i put so much detail, teacher said hasn't seen a better assignment in his whole 30 years of teaching :D
    i have an assignment on personal and public transport on materials and innovations, im doing it on the bike :p
    we don't use textbooks we just do HSC past papers every lesson and the teacher explains how to do em, i have a personal excel engineering textbook
    if u can self teach it then it's alright but if u don't get the work then it's gonna be hard, i recommend u get a textbook
    my teacher is the best, super cool and the best teacher in the school haha, thats the only reason i keep it coz he makes it enjoyable, he's really smart and super chill....yea but the content is just mind numbing lel
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