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  • I always thought that would be cool. But i thought being a highschool teacher would be better, coz you can really discipline them. And you KNOW they deserve it!

    Im off too, maybe ttyl

    33rd...lol i know, hypocrite...

    Yeh i know, i was joking!! My bad!

    I jst cant wait until its over...wat do u have planned afterwards by the way?
    lol exactly! sick of these up-themselves people who go to those high ranked schools

    i reckon you could do better, considering your opinion of yourself ;)

    any kinda job ur looking for?

    im aiming around there as well, hopefully im not dreaming!!
    so then you probably don't have much to worry about then, huh? wat school do you got o anyway?

    my results were okay, nothing shameful :D

    lol u seem pretty proud of urself, watr u aiming for anyway? med?
    lol it wasnt a 'pure' guess, but thanks anyway!

    oh my studying is shocking, im so angry at the fact im writing this now! so easy to lose focus...n we have..what...4 days?!?!?

    i think i studied way harder for my trial than the hsc!

    im scared....
    hahahaha..yeah seems to mee we are broda and sister..lmao

    i am off any ways gud night and dont lit da bed bugs bite..coz they hurt..
    khoda hafiz..and mind u i never logout..so u welll allways see me as logged in lmao..after da hsc i aint coming here...lol
    inshalahh..and study hard...AND..one more thing..i hope u rape ur hsc books and they rape u ..lol..thats what i get with hanging out with my arab friends lol....

    salam.alykom...hahah..and one word in urdo...ap kaysay hay..teec tac..lmao
    well 2 be frankly honest da colour of the page..hahahahahahahah..jokin..man i goto study..i aint gona get a 94.3 wasting time over here..lol

    tc study hard...if u have facebook add me..or tell me ur name and i well add u..tc
    hahah u r right about that sister..and wait..lol..wallah i knew u were paki..from da begiininng..lmao..i am a sexy afghan..lol
    omg archtecture..thats what i wanna do lol..........wait are we broda and sista or is this a kool occurence..lol..

    wait..one question what nationality are u??????
    hahah..true..lol..we re normal unlike them trying to target us cute muslim..well most of us are cute any ways..lol

    nice meeting u

    what school u go to..lol
    u love muslims 2..huh..lol..

    and one thing i am older than u by just one day..wallah...how cool is that..awsome
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