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  • how was it olay..crazzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..4 me..think i am gona get like a band 5 inshallah..lost da hope 4 band 6..wbu
    oh thanks 4 da addddddddd..kinda unexpected.. but thanx i feel like one of uz..hahahahahahaahha..and ur da second person i have met in this place whom i am older than....ur 19/6/1992 i am 13/6/1992..preeetyyy weird..

    wait sorry 4 da essay but what school u go to ..and ur name sounds like afghan/paki/arab...lmao

    yallah tc
    hi u ask what school i go to..i wish u never asked..its a shit school have u heard of parramatta high school..WELL I DONT GO THERER...i go to arthur phillip high school..hahhahahahahahah ;P...its an allrite school full of afghans arabs and asianssssss..hahahahahha..any ways gud luck with chem....salam..sis
    how bout we do a little deal . i know all the questions . so i do legal , business and std english aswell as pe .
    do u do consumers in legal ?
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