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  • i kinda figured since you were asking some tough four unit. man that is so hard.
    where do u find these random questions.
    you should check out wolfram alpha for all your quieries.
    it can do most stuff but sometimes has trouble with the specifics.
    Have fun see you tuesday morning
    have you out grown cambridge yet?
    all of its questions hardly even relate to the exam.
    the supp. is ok for conics and some complex roots
    i need more super hard ones though
    gimme more bakes.
    Have fun studying.
    well i don't really use the account to post messages or anything i normally just browse. so when i tried to log on and post an abussive message and it didn't work i got angry. you won't like me when i'm angry Jeffery. 'cause i'll get mean and big and all green. [OOPS I think i revealed that i am hulk]
    FUCK YOU jeffery. i cant believe you changed the password behind my back like that. so now i have to make my own profile. well screw you.
    oh well I'm just unlucky. I don't know why i have so much work. maybe the teacher's just trying to scare us. lol, on my user profile, I have my school name as "top 40s in the state". To be honest, it's a selective school higher than that. if that gives u any idea which school I go to
    I was thinking high 90s, but then I should be more realistic so mid 90s. wow an accelerant. well good luck for your HSC and I hope you're studying! Since you're doing HSC mx1 and physics this year, that means less units for Year 12 right?
    yep. 4U is gonna be really challenging and let's hope that we'll be the ones that can finish the paper up to question 8 :D haha I'll be seeing you in the mx2 forums next term! you'll be answering all of my questions :)
    I guess it's because I'm aiming too big. What UAI/ATAR are you aiming for?
    4 unit buddies! whoopee
    I looked through the Conics section of a 4 unit textbook (which is I think one of the first topics we're going to learn) and I was stupefied...
    are you maths accelerated? you seem to know a lot.
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