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  • Now that i think of.. i should right essays too.. lol. Are you gonna do them progressively throughout the year? or cram them jsut before the trials? I go to Christian Brothers at Lewisham. How'd you go in your exams, btw? I fked my legal and eco so bad.. :(
    The 8 markers and the 10 markers for Legal really got me and for Eco.. well i'm simply terrible at Extended responses. Had a brain fart and not much came to my head during the essay.
    Sorry for the delay (I was kinda away). Hey that rhymed!

    Anyways, I cope half-easily. It's all about doing subjects you like really. You'll see I'm usually the first to tout scaling - but nothing beats liking your subjects. And that, and the motivation to beat everyone else in your class, and the motivation to finally get revenge on everyone who has wronged you in life by getting a higher ATAR than them - are my driving inspirations =)
    Certain uni's offer bonus points depending on the marks you get in relevent courses eg E4 in 3u maths could be worth 2 bonus pts. These bonus pts only decrease the cut-off mark for a uni course and doesn't actually boost your ATAR.
    lol not exactly the same :p
    hmm no i'm not smart ...in comparison to others. i was acing eco until my last exam >< and legal ...has been my bleh subject for some time now. so unfortunately, i ain't. we're doing family and world order =) what about you?
    wow.. lmao. You're like my long twin.. o_0"

    -Yer atar's 95.65 atm, hoping that doesn't creep up too much; but i'm confident i'll get at least 91 anyway, so + 5 and bingo. Hope to meet you there ;)
    For eco we've done The Global Economy and Australia's place in the Global Economy... we're starting Policies & Management next term. What book do you use at school? you using two books for extra study? I find using two books really helpful, imo anyway. Hoping to knock off fiscal and monetary policy this holiday.
    -For legal we're doing Workplace and Family Law.. shouldn't be too hard i think. HSC essays on these are fairly wide encompassing. Legal essays i find very easy relative to Eco.

    What school you attend? if you don't mind me asking. :skip:
    lol, im similar to you.. well sort of. I don't study for SOR 1u<-- i mean, lol?
    -I put most of my time into English and Economics. Economics is doing okay, i was topping my class with the in-class tests.. but im terrible at writing essays, so that may cost me. Hoping for band 6, but realistically will fall mid to high 80s
    -Legal i was doing well in.. until the latest assessment, so i just realised how muchtime i need to distribute to that.. given i touch the textbook for like 1 hour per week (if that). Thought this was a given band 6, not anymore.. more work needed.
    -Maths 2/3u are going well atm; i'm a bit lazy in this as well.. but need to do more work. On track for band 6 in both.
    Haven't done anything these holidays :D.. planning to get a move on soon, by working ahead and typing up notes for some subjects. Need an atar of at least 91 [with 5 guaranteed* bonus marks] to get into Commerce at UNSW.

    *these are basically guaranteed for my subjects.
    Hello good sir,
    noticed i do all the same subjects as you.. except i do SOR 1u instead of mx2
    how u coping?
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