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  • Hey sorry for late reply - I haven't been on this forum for ages!
    I hope you went fine with LAW208 - when I studied it I found the prescribed textbook (I think it's still the same) to be really waffly (but trust me its gonna get worse when you do Crim and Constitutional). So I gave up on the readings altogether - instead I dictated what the lecturer said and I guess it worked well for me because I got 80 in the end. So that might help when you encounter airy fairy subjects like this again in future.
    hi Sean, I agree with what you said about UWS law... it is on the rise but just the UWS business degree that we r running away from lol.

    We should keep in contact to know whats goin on with the enrolment dates n the transfering Macq uni life. I might see you on the 12 Feb enrolment n those credit for previous studies day. Do u have fb?
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