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Recent content by sinsolja

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    Bahelor of Health Science as an alternative pathway into Med/Dent.

    This isn't true, you simply get the latest mark you receive. My atar was around 96 it went up to around 98, but i only repeated two subjects.
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    Bahelor of Health Science as an alternative pathway into Med/Dent.

    Depending on your ATAR, you could explore other options. For example me and a few friends had decent ATARS however to make them more competitve we entered TAFE and repeated just one or two HSC subjects focusing on studying for the UMAT, and being more competitive. Because you only do a few HSC...
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    Post Your 2013 University Offers Here

    NSW; Bachelor of Optometry/Bachelor of Science at UNSW Melbourne: Bachelor of vision science/ Bachelor of Optometry at Deakin QLD: Bachelor of Dental surgery at James cook university Victoria: Masters of physiotherapy.
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    Exam Choice Physics 2012

    Has anyone done this paper? any thoughts ?
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    Re-doing HSC subject - advice

    Hey all I sat the HSC last year and got an ATAR of 96.1..however i wanted Dentistry and it just wasnt enough. i got offered SYD pharmacy but wasnt passionate about it. Here is the plan instead of going to Syd Pharmacy and then working my absolute ass off to try to get a competitive GPA ( 6-7)...
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    Possiblity of a Higher then predicted mark.

    Well we know that the calc are pretty accurate , however if there off the ATAR is usually lower then the predicted one. I dont think ive seen a year where ATARS were higher then the actual one, just asking is there any chance for that this year? im talking about popular consistent scaling...
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    Eng adv 86 business 88 Math 2u 95 math 3u 88 chem 90 bio 89 Matrix 96.15 Einstien 96.1 talent 100 96.1 just a touch dissapointed:S
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    you may get your Messages earlier then 6 apparently. Not too sure if this is true
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    Bad results to asian parents

    goodluck KidDang, may the force be with you in your termoil.
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    Bad results to asian parents

    My parents arnt asian ...however they are on par. And on my BEST DAY.. I cannot achieve what they want. I am ready to die.wbu? anyone in the same situation.
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    ATAR estimate

    So from everyone's estimations, i might be able to scrape 96?
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    ATAR estimate

    So still 96ish? Anyone else care to weigh in