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  • Hi. I am selling the HSC Jacaranda chemistry textbook. Would you like to purchase it for $45?
    Hey would you like to buy Success One for Physics (2009 edition) + CSSA/Indep with solution (about 10 years worth) for 30 ?
    if you called at 3.00am i would
    [x] smile cause your cute and i want to talk to you
    [x] ignore the call
    [x] answer the call and talk to you
    [ ] be like how do you have my number? and r u drunk dialing?

    if we walked home together i would
    [x] push you over and probably laugh
    [x] stare at you, cause im weird like that
    [x] give a massive hug
    [x] talk about things.
    [x] have a mad laugh

    in 10 years, i see you being
    [x] famous for something
    [x] a model
    [x] stoned
    [x] same as now, thug life
    [x] an athlete
    [x] a party WHALE
    [x] studying/university
    [x] i dunno

    i can see us
    [x] getting together
    [x] being close friends
    [x] not talking
    [x] getting fb married
    [x] chilling
    [x] partying it up together
    [x] i really don't care.
    [x] i really dont know but lets just be awesome!

    you should
    [x] text me bro
    [x] come see me
    [x] stop being a stranger and talk to me
    [x] call me
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