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    What do you reckon my chances at commerce are?!?

    Imma be real with you but the odds of them accepting you in a degree like Commerce below the cut-off isn't likely at all
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    Capitol punishment should be reintroduced for criminal offences

    I don't believe capital punishment should be introduced, even for serious crimes. Capital punishment sounds good in theory, how we are eliminating the serious offenders from society permanently etc but the problem is that there have been cases where people were wrongfully accused for a crime...
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    Could I get an ATAR of 90 or above

    scaling doesn't mean shit if you do shit in everything
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    How to work in film

    You should AFTRS which is more beneficial than any tafe or uni course you learn. However, its highly selective to get in.
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    Cramming success stories!!

    i didnt prepare for an essay for ext1 until the night before, and started memorising on the day of the test i got a 44/50 which i thought was pre good
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    Type of pen to use

    I know a friend who used a fountain pen for her English exam. While impractical, it was smooth and enabled her to write real fast and it didn't ache her hand since the fountain pen's positioning allowed her wrist to like not die. I recommend a pen that is light, I used a 0.5mm pen from Morning...
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    What subjects should I choose to fill up year 11 subject selection?

    I don't think we have a good idea on your strengths to decide which of the subjects best suit you. I just want to advise you that HSC subjects in Science is not remotely similar to the shit you learn in your junior years - so Chemistry and Physics you're gonna struggle in unless you have a knack...
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    subject selection for y11 ??

    legal and pdhpe are intense workload, i recommend you looking through some dot points and summary notes to see if you could handle those two together. I had friends doing both and they died also legal won't help you in finance law, legal studies prelim is about i think iirc indigenous dreamtime...
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    Stay in WSU or Transfer to MACQ

    A university's reputation is worth nothing if you don't make anything out of it. Employability ranking doesn't mean if you go to x uni and do nothing you'll get a job straight after you graduate. Rather than centralise your choices on reputations, you should focus more on the course outline and...
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    But why

    English is not about learning Shakespeare, Judith Wright, or George Orwell. It isn't rote learning essays and short stories in order to mass dump in a 2 hour exam. English you acquire a skill to learn analytically and critically. Believe it or not, you need this skill for every part of life...
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    Discovery short answers?

    memorise every poetic / literary / visual technique and use STEEL
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    English Speeches

    Speeches should be a combination of an essay and performance. Some pro-tips: > Use inclusive speech: Rhetorical questions, 2nd person anecdotes > Perhaps some humour to entertain > Variation in tone: Monotony never helped anybody > It should be a mix of conversation and high-order words...
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    Year 11 Subject advice please

    Don't drop a subject in Year 11 as syllabus changes. It's cool that you're gonna be that kid who gets free periods in Year 11 until you start the course for a subject and you realise you have immense regret. Personally, I didn't like advanced english however I was good at it - so I took on...
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    Year 11 subject selection help

    I've also come across cases where people who did hard sciences and decide to pursue a career in journalism and PR, does that mean everybody should also do humanity heavy subjects too? HSC is all about strategically maximising your atar and marks, if this person does hard sciences - and fails...
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    Year 11 subject selection help

    I'm not sure whether Modern History or PDHPE is better for your selection, but I recommend Business Studies over Legal Studies. Mainly because if you do decide to pursue in Law, legal studies is not gonna benefit you any way (and the coursework is harder compared to business studies). While...