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  • heyy yeah im good, thanks for asking. Uni is amazing :) absolutely love my course and my new friends. Did you end up coming down to sydney?? ive seen jessica a few times on the train at redfern lol, she's really cool. How about you? hows your uni experience so far??
    Hey that sounds like a hassle to travel all of that distance and only have a one hour lecture. As for me tutorial registrations haven't opened yet so i have no idea what my timetable is like yet. I won't know until the 17th of this month. I have about 2 and half hours of traveling a day for uni which is ok i guess. Im just hating the idea of having to do extra reading or study whilst traveling to uni :( other than that everything is ok. You coming down to Sydney any time soon?
    Hey stasey. What have you been up to lately? Yesterday I went to the movies with Brendan, Jerry and Asbin. My gosh jerry and Brendan haven't changed one bit since I last saw them two years ago lol.
    Getting prepared for uni?
    thats really cool stasey congratulations!!!
    yeah sure, i will totally hang..but i cant on the 24th I have orientation day for uni!!
    heyy pretty good i guess. I cant complain. I got into b business and commerce/b laws at uws so im pretty happy. how did you go?? did you get an offer???
    :) i really miss you stasey. thats pretty cool...im not up to much. finishing off my driving hours so that i could get my Ps. Ive just been at home really. My sister finished school today so now we can hang out. Ive planned to go to the city with a couple of friends next week so that should be fun. other than that, nothing much.
    How were your hsc marks??? wish you all the best.
    tc, xoxo
    heyy thanks stasey :) so what have you been up to lately? are you thinking of coming back to sydney for a visit some time?
    GKR? Some door-to-door dude rocked up and told me all about GKR, and after I told him I already practise a few martial arts, he wouldn't stop harassing/persuading me to join their dojo. He told me GKR was the most popular form of Karate and I told him it was Kyokushin and he said I don't have my facts straight lol.

    Is GKR any good? The dude was up himself anyway.
    Ooooo, nice avatar. You're into martial arts? Which form of karate are you into? I take it, Shotokan or Kyokushin? I'd say the latter lol?
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