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    Post your pile

    how do you study like that, I cleaned my room after each exam
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    Rewards from parents

    lol my parents are sending me on a trip around europe!
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    Co-op scholarhip

    How about you go fuck yourself. If they're going to assume a moral high ground and tell me I'm not fucking good enough for them, they don't deserve to get $20000 from me every year, to fund someone else's scholarship. And why would I pay to go to UNSW when I have the Co-Op from UTS for BAcc...
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    Legal Studies All Nighter Thread

    split it into two sections 1) Intro on why we need int. crime and the influences of sovereignty. two types: Transnational and Crimes against the international community 2) Transnational: - types of crimes - domestic responses - international responses Same with Crimes against...
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    Legal Studies All Nighter Thread

    sleep. what you lose in content you gain double in concentration + studying not focused and out of energy doesn't work too good.
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    Legal Studies All Nighter Thread

    i want a good nights sleep but I dont think it will happen cause ill be too excited cause tomorrow's my last exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Palestine accepted into UNESCO

    no not really, if anything, they wouldn't want to piss off America who has just gotten rid of their funding and if you read up on it, you'll see how increasingly disillusioned the world is becoming with Israel.
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    Palestine accepted into UNESCO

    ugh. this just shows how disgusting the USA and Israel are in their treatment of Palestinian people and how they chuck a hissy fit each time they don't get their way. It's also encouraging to see just how many states are favouring Palestine. About time the world woke up and sees what Israel is...
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    Raw Mark of 82?

    that would be a 41/50 so around a 46-47 when aligned.
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    Writing the wrong question number?

    Yeah, my tutor said this happens a lot with English and they read it and use their common sense
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    HSC Mark/ Assessment rank question?

    Say you come first with a 92 and he/she the highest gets 88. She/he will take your 92 as her INTERNAL mark and will keep their 88 for their EXTERNAL Mark You will take their 88 as your INTERNAL mark and will keep your 92 as your EXTERNAL Mark Once averaging this out, you will both get 90 as...
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    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    Best: Math (but hoping legal) Worst: Eco
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    Human Rights - Charter of Rights or Bill of Rights

    customary makes no sense. There is no human right specified to Indigenous people's owning property and self determination is a collective right giving Indigenous peoples a choice on who governs them. so its kind of an elimination process + the 1992 Mabo Case.
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    Please recommend a text book?

    HTA for sure
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    Media in Legal Studies

    Do you guys use media for the crime section? Not sure on how to obtain relevant media articles/or if its used by heaps of students?