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  • Im uploading my test to mediafire, giving carrot the link, and then he can just download from there.
    Criticism is always welcomed. What parts exactly if you don't mind me asking? I should probably have proofread or refined it a bit to make it a better read although I appreciate it.
    Look up the Gamma function and try to prove some of its basic properties, that is essentially what you are after.
    I'm not one of those people who looks down upon other subjects, although many pure mathematicians DO look down on other sciences a bit. This is often on the basis that what constitutes proof in the sciences pales in comparison with the rigour of mathematical proof. A physicist/chemist/etc never *knows* his theory is correct, in some sense each advance in theory is simply a closer approximation to reality.

    Which you prefer largely depends on your personality/mind, as I prefer the clean pure abstraction of mathematics to the sciences, yet I also prefer sex to masturbation :p. Feynmann's quote was just showing us his slant, (in a not entirely respectful way I feel, but I am generally a fan of the man.)
    holy shit thats redonkulous. the pressure would be spread, but to be able to sustain effort for that long is crazy. is it a selective?
    either way, if the dude is good enough to beat you, I think you don't have anything to worry about
    well done man! that awesome. any chance u take rank 1? i hope you do cos uve put in the effort for it.
    Hehe that would be a dream come true - I wouldn't feel noob on this site anymore haha. And to you too =)
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