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  • i was wondering if you could help me with a biology assignment. It's on Maintaining a balance- subsection 3 kidney structure, function and renal dialysis. It has all of the individual dot points listed and the teacher has really left us in the dark as we are expected to reasearch a whole section from the syllabus and do a test on it next week.the info is just so hard to find. Some of these dot points include explain the removal of the main nitrogenous waste (removal in terms of effects), identifies nephron structures and functions and active transport in the nephron, the importance of reabsorption, kidney malfunction causes, renal dialysis- effectiveness and social impact. I know its a big ask but if you have any help for me in this area it would be much appreciated as im finding it extrememly difficult to source the info. if you respond please email me on x.escape.with.freedom.x@hotmail.com thanks so much, tanya.
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