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  • that's interesting.
    if i were you, i wouldn't restrict myself by doing an eng degree that (seems to) restrict itself to r n d, though i dont know what that degree specifically entails, and i cbf looking it up.
    i think straight mechanical engineering would be better (or mech eng/sci if you want).
    more broad, more available options. it's not a good idea to only think "i want x job and nothing else." Chances are you'll have many (or a few) different engineering jobs in the first few years after your degree with, neither of which would be your first choice, due to lack of on the job experience.
    the defense force and defense contractors work on many military projects, including engineering rifles, and a mech eng degree will definitely be a thing they'll be looking for (this r n d thing might be alright too but i would still do mech eng for the reason i stated).
    I dont really 1v1, I just watch pro tourneys mostly (though recently I've kinda taken a break from that too). I'd estimate im probably in the realms of gold/plat level, but my hands dont do what my brain wants and I think if I want to fix that I will have to put in a ton of practice.

    What about you?
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