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  • i heard shadowdude raped and killed u. not necessarily in that order...

    r.i.p. :angel:
    ah ok

    i knw shooky ends on the 16th, and i end on the 18th, so we'll just wait and see when harrisony, muhahahahahaha, rookie and michellev finish
    Yo when r ur exams over? Just trying to get a rough idea as to when we should have the uws meat
    You're a first year, right? Remember that there's this juicy 4 month break at the end of the year - so... I suppose, if you look at it that way, you might conclude "Might as well study now, and save that other stuff that I can save for the break!"
    Ah okay. Don't worry about it thrillkiller - I believe in you! you can do it

    You seem pretty smart. Plus it's what... I dunno, two, three weeks away? Few weekends, this week you only have 2 days at uni... ANZAC day as well. You'll be fine, seriously. =)
    Communication... with patients or, just in general?

    And ohh you lucky girl. I JELLY

    Two days of uni... wow.
    Nice work! But your other one... what's that on?

    and yes maffs is pretty fun... at times. i wanted to :cry: during my last maths test /srs :(

    Like seriously. Not joking.
    stalked ur convo with shooky nooky (no cr33p, i promise) but yeah we will decide on a movie on the day lol....we should make it whimsical and spontaneous....as stated by some bosers lol.
    And as i told shooky nooky...it will be a time of magical story telling...kinda like days of our lives/ bold and beautiful but not as americanised lol.
    Oh, alright then :) Yeah, it could possibly be quite late, and I'm going the week after lol (to see Avengers :D)... I have no idea what we'll be seeing though
    Wave yourself in their face! (I mean your presence... nothing sinister :D)... You shall prove them wrong, don't worry ;) You going to the movie thingy afterwards?
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