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    ANU undergrad mid-year enrolment

    Well, just called them up and they apparently "usually do" have mid year entry, depending on the college, but you don't apply through UAC, you do it through ANU. They announce their decision for mid-year intake in April on their website... I want to start studying something already!!!! Urgh.
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    ANU undergrad mid-year enrolment

    Does anyone know what the quota is like for Arts Law mid year enrolment at ANU and when the enrolment dates usually are? My UAI was 96.50/ATAR 96.75. Should that be enough to make it in mid-year?
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    USYD Pharmacy Roll Call '10!

    Couldn't stop me, I'm withdrawing from studies tomorrow, but not before I get the form for my isic card signed and stamped :P Thank god I realised tomorrow's the last day to get a refund on my textbooks.
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    USYD Pharmacy Roll Call '10!

    Hey do you tutor people? Honestly I am having so much trouble with the Chemistry and the Maths, I'm thinking of pulling a DNF soon and picking up International Studies in second semester. I don't understand a single thing.
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    USYD Pharmacy Roll Call '10!

    Hey I couldn't get Friday off because the streams A, B, C, D and E had their BIOL0031 clash with my Thursdays or some crap. Haha I haven;t really looked into changing it as you can tell, because I'll probably work on Friday afternoons anyway in the city. Do you happen to know if anyone went on...
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    French soon!

    woohoo je suis l* alors que je devrais me coucher woot et pire, je na'i rien fait pendant quelques jours..... suis-je folle?????????
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Mdr tout le monde veut que ça marche mais personne n'est l* ... bien qu'on soit au milieu du bac. Ou est-ce que je me suis trompée? Est tout le monde en train d'étudier sans internet? =O
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    Weak acid + weak base titration

    What does QED mean? I guess it doesn't matter, but would I ever have to explain ANYTHING about Weak acid/ Weak base titrations?
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    Emma and Clueless

    The focus on sex, dating and relationships can be seen largely as a media construct/drawcard. This focus, as well as the marriage/courtship theme are both institutions created to fulfil the value of romance/love/social stability. As context has shifted, due to women's liberation movements, more...
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    Titration... why?

    that's weird, ours always dissolves, yeah stirring rod, distilled water... so wait, you actually perform the titration with visibly undissolved solid sodium carbonate still in the flask??
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    uni libraries

    more motivation to study because you wish so bad you were at uni rather than school
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    Emma and Clueless

    Lol. K got deleted. Any ideas on how Emma's meaning has been reshaped through Clueless as an appropriation?
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    Weak acid + weak base titration

    Why? If you had two colour solutions of a weak base and a weak acid, you would have to make visual observations of a colour change so wouldn't it be logical to use an indicator with a range around neutral, eg litmus? Otherwise you couldn't tell when the titration has reach its equivalence pt...
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    Would a woman marry a ninja?

    nunchucks... I ve ninja frieds. Honesty, they meet in gordon for practice