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  • lol yer probably!! ok so id never watch a scary movie wit u lol, ud probably start screamin haha. ummm, yer watch it and give it a go :)
    yea ive watched it! i dnt know why they say its the scariest movie of the year, i thought it was pretty shiit!so not scary! there were probably 1 or 2 scenes were i was like 'whoa' but other than that i thought they put high expectations 4 a pretty shit movie! but yer, i dunno, maybe u'd like it! a few of my friends were like, 'omg shiit did u see that' lol
    n some were jus waiting 4 the sex scenes considerin it was all practically in bed! bt there were no sex scenes at all :( lol
    hahaha, i havent watchd that movie :( i wanna watch it now!
    have u watchd paranormal activity??
    lol yer! ayee, if thats REALLY you then u should definitely have a gf lol
    umm, im doin much really, jus BoSing! n i jus snuck my laptop upstairs hehe! my dad sed i cnt take it in my room! lol ohh well! :D he thinks i have msn n do BAD stuff on it! hehe!
    hahaha! sound like fun!! strip poker aye? hmmm!? lol
    wow u dnt drink?? thats good neither do i!
    and wat do u mean u ccant get one coz of looks! ive seen ur pics, well if thats u then daym! ur pretty HOT!! lol! sorry, im jus being honest hehe
    lol, aww at least u got to go after party! :( hehe
    let me guess, u, ur gf n friends got wasted ayee??
    lol, wonder wat u guys got up to hehe :p
    lol, yea! dnt stress ova it, its jus gonna b another iece of paper soon! lol
    btw, how was ur formal, have u had it yet??
    ohh ok, no wonder the accents gone! hehe
    i thought u jus came like this yr or something... my bad
    umm, i was born and bred here!! ive even lived at the same address my whole life lol, pretty boring life ayee! :( lol
    so hows skool?? u did ur SC yer?? how was it??
    hahaha! dats cool, though that accent is cute! hehe
    so when did u come to aus??
    lol, wow sounds cool! n omg ur name is tevita?? thats so cool, thats my fijian cuz' name!!
    so that means u have the kiwi accent ayee??
    lol, yer he sed that i slept with him! so yea! hehe
    newai, im sonam! :)
    im 1/2 fijian 1/2 indian!
    n yer, wbu?? :D
    ohh trust me..he totally is!! lol
    his bestie is this guy from my skool, n he started shiit bout me, ever since then ive hated him hehe,
    but dunno if he sed it or the bestie! oh well!
    his a fag! :)
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