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Recent content by vishello

  1. vishello

    99.80 ATAR: Selling Chemistry Notes $5 Per Module [NEW SYLLABUS], English Essays at $10 each, Japanese Cont $15 [NEW SYLLABUS]

    Hi Did u go Prairiewood because ur texts are exactly like our year 12 ones?
  2. vishello

    Top 10 Easiest HSC Subjects

    You can't judge some subjects to be easier than others. Each subjects has its own nuances and skills. Stop projecting a wrong opinion and everyone has different skills and abilities and its what they think what hard and what's not.
  3. vishello

    should I be stressed about prelim? how should I study?

    can you please send me the discord link too? I have my prelims soo and suffering as well thanks
  4. vishello

    Tamil HSC

    Can you send it to me too lol?
  5. vishello

    Revision notes *All Subjects*

    Guys, Could anyone please upload some beneficial SCIENCE Notes to study as my yearlies are coming up in 2 weeks time?
  6. vishello

    Year 9 selective placement! Do I stand a chance? (Baulkham Hills)

    THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE GUYS> I FOLLOWED YOU ADVICE THOUGHTFULLY> I GOT OFFER OF PLACEMENT FOR PRAIRIEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL> RIGHT NOW IN YEAR 8... Next year, for year 10 placement, if I want to try for Girraween, what content do I need to study specifically. EX< Tell me textbooks for each...