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  • Oh, shucks *blushes* but yeah, I'm aiming for high 80's - I'm good at English/Humanitarian subjects, but unfortunately they get you nowhere quickly in VCE.

    There are pros and cons of Melbourne Arts vs. Monash Arts (or Arts/Law for that matter). But as a result of the city location, easy public transport access, better facilities and from my perspective, a much better student life vibe, Melbourne dominates Monash. And a lot of people say employers prefer graduates from Melbourne Uni, but I don't know the truth in that statement.

    Oh, and did I forget? ENTER requirement for Melbourne is 88.3 compared with 98+ for Monash Arts/Law (86.55 for plain Arts).

    I mean, don't get me wrong, Monash looks like a good uni, and it takes up 3 of my 4 preferences, but Melbourne is my most preferred.

    Sorry for the dual thesis ;)
    Hey, no worries. Arts/Law at Monash is at the top of my preferences, but not only do I not think I'll get into it, but I don't want to, I really want to get into Arts at Melbourne Uni.

    Pretty sure you won't end up in the streets if you don't get into Arts/Law at Monash :p. Finishing year 12 alone automatically puts you in a better position then most not to end up like that.

    Yeah, BOL for exams.
    You should send me private messages you know, since I would never have got ur message unless I randomly log on, like I did last night. At least with private msgs, I know that ur trying to talk to me. =P
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