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Recent content by windebygirl

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    Ppl who did modern history- what advice do y'all have for keeping up with the content?

    obviously everyone's different, but my advice would be to not stress yourself out too much with learning the content. obviously it's something you have to know, but I always did better when I didn't actively try to remember everything. take a break from writing notes and just really listen to...
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    Math Ext 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    pretty sure that projectiles was only tested in mc last year meaning we're almost guaranteed some big question in q11-14 can't be any worse than the ext 2 5 marker...
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    approach to q1

    Hey guys, one of the trial questions this year (cssa i think?) was 'to what extent have the reasons people study history changed over time?' so how would you answer that? because i'm getting tripped up on the word 'study', coz 'studying' history is obv not the same as 'constructing' history...
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    Math Ext 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    8 marks of last years q14 was combinatorics/binomials why would they do it again we'll defs get some fat projectile tho, but it should be fun
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    core - prominent figure in nazi party

    afraid not i think that is the equivalent of writing a SOR Christianity essay on jesus lmao
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    core - prominent figure in nazi party

    speers is the architect guy - not super important coz literally all he did was build stuff goebbels is defs the easiest choice fun goebbels fact: on his birthday one year, the government gave everyone free radios (Volksempfänger)
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    Indochina HSC 2018 question

    the best thing about anti war movement essays is that you can link everything back to the awm. so you wanna do a para on tet? link it to anti war movement . military strategies were televised (vietnam was the television war etc etc) and thus contributed to the awm. so if i were doing that...
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    How is the workload of 4U math and history extension?

    hiiiiiiiiii i'm on 12 units doing 4u math and hist ext 100% worth it - workload actually isn't that bad, obviously it's stressful at times but you could say that about literally any yr 12 subjects do it - and lmk if u have any questions they're my 2 favourite subjects, so if you're considering...
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    structuring essays

    i had to do 2 debates in trials and i got marked down for putting both debates in each paragraph - it makes it harder for the marker to figure out which debate you're talking about so as much as i hate to say, i feel like i'm gonna do 2 really fat body paragraphs... someone please tell me that's...
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    Conflict in Indochina essay predictions????!!

    there'll probs be one question on laos/cambodia (there always is), and the other will be broader i would say. homefront, tet, strats/tacts are probably what they would go for i reckon but i have a feeling geneva might be something they pull out... haven't done one of those in a while.
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    Do we need to know the survey for national studies and peace and conflict?

    they can ask questions based on the survey so yeah you need to know it but it's like the easiest part
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    conflict in europe or russia essay predictions

    it still hasn't sunk in that the exam is like a month away and i have nothing memorised and the amount of quotes and stuff you have to know to be prepared for all possible questions is insane at this point i'll be happy with a band 3
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    conflict in europe or russia essay predictions

    good question - i have no idea. my teachers said they 'have a feeling' (and apparently they've been right in the past) but considering that in the last 2 years they've done a question on stalin each time, i wouldn't be surprised if they did another stalin question - possibly related to ideology...
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    Idk why I can't do this easy projectile motion question

    i don't have the whole paper's solutions but this question was in my trial and here's the answer
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    conflict in europe or russia essay predictions

    for russia: foreign policy! that's what all my teachers are thinking