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  • Allo!!!! Just saw your post in the tutoring thread - thank you!!!
    Some exciting news I wanted to share - I had my Princeton interview last week, and I've been contacted for a Harvard interview next week! *jumps up and down with excitement*

    However, this youtube video is probably the most awesome thing I've ever seen. (Yale)
    Worth checking out if you have the free time :D
    YouTube - That's Why I Chose Yale
    (College admissions...High school musical style!)

    Wendy :shy:
    (just got your latest message - and I'm so sorry for hijacking your profile!) :p

    Oooh - that would be a pickle wouldn't it? My friend actually just got accepted to Melbourne University and Oxford for Philosophy, Politics and Economics, AND Yale. He told me he's probably going to Yale.

    Most commonwealth countries are based on "English Law" so to an extent any degree from either UK/US/Aus would be ok. But most of the lawyers I've spoken to have reccommended UK law over the others as its much easier to advance one's career esp if one wants to work internationally. I've kind of crossed off US law from my list because I can't see myself studying US domestic law (which I kind of despise anyway).

    Hmm. Careerwise, I'm not sure if I want to practice law as a lawyer. I may follow in my dad's footsteps to work for the UN, possibly as a negotiator. I'm also interested in policy work and diplomacy. :)
    Philosophy is absolutely amazing, one of the best things I've ever done. It really is the basis of so much of humanities, and you're right ethics and politics are completely founded on philosophical debates. I studied Justice - looking at Libertarianism, and the welfare state for example. Ethics has so many applications to Med, I imagine it would be so eye opening. The thing I found about Philo was that it was SO relevant because it really was the underpinning of the whole way we see and understand humanity and the world. It just brought everything else in the humanities together for me - and that sense of glimpsing the "fabric" of everything is mindboggling and brilliant. Skills-wise, it develops your critical thinking and analytical skills so much so its highly valued by employers and would almost certainly add alot to your performance to the rest of the subjects. I would wholeheartedly reccommend it!
    OMG - SQUEE! Your subjects and interests mirror mine so much!!! Chinese studies FTW! I'm really attracted to Yale for that reason - they have an AMAZING East Asian Studies department.
    Economics, english, history, philosphy - ahhh! Music to my ears! I'm absolutely the same, a strong humanities bent - but extremely interested in Political Science/international relations/and economics. (That's why I'm tossing up Arts/Law or Political, economic, social science/Law at USyd).
    You're not a noob at it at all! Most ppl don't care too much about overseas unis, so its totally fair that its abit obscure to the majority of aussies. :)

    Were you thinking of going to Cambridge/Oxford peraps to do a PHd or masters? The UK government is REALLY supportive (scholarships etc) for Aussies looking to do a few years in England - might be worth checking out! :)
    Yes sure! See the degree I get in America is a general liberal arts degree. Their uni system is different in that there is a very clear delineation between their undergraduate and graduate degrees. That's why at Harvard for example - as an Undergrad student, I can only get a BA or a BS (Bachelor of Arts or Science) and THEN I would (hypothetically) get a law or business degree from one of their law or business schools (ie. Yale Law School or Harvard Business School) which is their graduate institution.

    So if I get my BA from one of the ivies (where I'm applying), I can't get a masters from Oxford as I havent done undergrad Law yet, so I would have to do their LLB degree (undergrad Bachelor of Laws). Hence "second degree" rather than masters. Though Oxford apparently has a degree for precisely students who DO have another undergrad degree, where Law takes only 2 years as opposed to the usual 3, and you go straight into the Masters.
    Aww! Thank you!
    Firstly - WOW to your amazing HSC achievements! I've no doubt that you're also the absolute best of the best over at UNSW with Med/Arts - WOW again!
    For me, I'm going to USyd for combined law, but I'm also applying to a few universities in America - so potentially leaving Oz second semester. In which case I'm planning to do Law at Oxford as a second degree.

    PS. Happy New Year!!!
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