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Finial Report: The effects of quantum error mitigation on quantum computational accuracy

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Assessment Task
Description: Read the title. If you are confused read the paper. I will explain everything there.
If you are still confused/need help with scix Msg me on discord Bread#8149
Did you come up with the idea yourself? Yes, I watched some YT vids and just decided to do it.
Was it hard? Nope, My project didnt cost me a cent. I got a used an ACTUAL yes REAL working quantum computer from IBM quantum. I hosted everything in the IBM cloud for free and learnt the basics through YT videos and free textbooks online.
How long did it take you to write this report/project? Around 120 hours. Remember a 2 unit course is generally 200 hours of content.
What finial mark did you get? It was out of 50 I got a 45.
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