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PIP - Not Just Child’s Play: The Impact of Preschool TV Shows on Women's Career Aspirations 

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In today’s society, the media plays an influential role in shaping our perceptions of ourselves and others, especially in the formative years of childhood. As someone who was once an avid viewer of children’s television, I’ve always been fascinated by the messages and values that these shows impart to young viewers. However, upon reflection and learning more about gender roles and stereotypes, I realized that many of the portrayals of females in children’s television were problematic and potentially harmful.

When young children repeatedly see male characters in leadership positions or performing tasks traditionally associated with power and authority, while female characters are limited to supportive roles or roles with an emphasis on appearance, it reinforces the notion that these gender roles are fixed and unchangeable. By investigating The Role of Preschool TV Shows in Shaping Gender-Based Stereotypes and Their Implications on Women's Leadership and Career Ambitions, I aim to gain insight into how children's television programming shapes children's perceptions of women in positions of authority and how this impact young girls' perceptions of both female leaders and their leadership potential.
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