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the complete english literary/visual technique guide!

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hey everyone!! i'm finally back
to make up for my lack of mx1 notes (eheheh) i'll share my english technique list
this is of course very useful for the common module reading task, but can also be useful for finding quotes in mod a, b and c too!

there are SOOOO many literary techniques here that i've sorted it into two groups, common and fringe – by no means should you memorise them all! this is just an overall guide to refer to whenever you want to sharpen your eye for discerning techniques :p

also, where there are fine distinctions between several similar techniques, i tried my best to explain the difference between the techniques!
further, i didn't include any techniques that i felt would not come up during hsc study, so as to not make the list too overwhelming 😣

each technique is also colour coded by "usefulness" although this really varies by person, so these are very rough gradings.

this took soooooo long to make, but i hope it can be something that can be passed down through many HSC years to help make a sometimes tedious process less bothersome

hsc is coming up really soon, so best of luck to everyone!!!!

yuki ^^
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  1. bolded technique names

    as per angelinaina's advice ehehe imo it does look better so enjoy!!

Latest reviews

really comprehensive and great descriptions of techniques
extremely thorough and comprehensive list. Thank you so much.
i dont know you and much about this site but i absolutely ADORE your personality in these posts, thank you so much for your contributions and help!
Really good explanations and examples
amazing list, thank you!!!
Covered practically all literary devices with definitions, great way to look over ones that are necessary for my study.
Thank you so much
no worries!! best of luck!
This is absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much Yuki, God bless you :)
hahahahahah thank YOU so much!
This is really helpful thanks so much! I was just wondering but which font do you use? I tried finding it in pages but I couldn't find it
omg im glad you found it helpful! the font is baskerville
uwaa thank youu so much for your effort into these notes (and all your other resources too!!). all your notes are so pretty and make so much sense- are they handwritten digitally?
aahhh thank youuu!!! hahaha all of them are typed digitally :))