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Year 11 - Ext 1 Past Paper Practice Questions

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Assessment Task
Questions selected from past papers from top selective schools (2019-2020).
Great way to revise for the yearly or assessment task coming up this term or next. The best way to study for maths is to do more questions and get exposure to a variety of questions that test key math concepts. The rules and formulas you learn in maths can be applied in many creative ways. However, I find most teachers are too busy to create new questions so they often recycle the types of questions they ask. To perform well in your maths test, just do more past papers! In fact, this concept applies across most subjects.

I usually make these practice question banks for my private tutoring students but I realised how tough it must be for students currently in lockdown. Thought I'll help out and provide some free resources that my students find quite useful. I have the answers to these practice questions too, just DM me!

Leave a message if these are useful for you or there's other topics you'd like practice questions for.

Hope it helps!

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