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    Do I need to retake my HSC (and repeat Year 11 and 12) if I want to get into University?

    Title. So, basically, the further I progressed through school, the more my grades turned from As into Es. By the end of Year 12 (2021), I graduated a total of 2 subjects, with terrible grades (bad HSC, no ATAR). I later found out that I have a bunch of mental health conditions influencing me...
  2. H

    Does anybody have the honors list for NGO and SONS 2020 and 2021?

    Their website is broken. Please PM me if you do thanks!
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    Society and Culture Band 6 And Maybe State Rank?

    Hi! I was wondering if it was possible for a band 6 in SAC with an internal rank of 5-6 out of 13 students (with internal marks at 91%, 71%, 85%, 80%)? Last year the only person who got a band 6 had an internal of 96%... but I know a few others who got 90-100% in each internal task but didn't...
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    Past Papers? - Maths Advanced 2021

    Does anyone have any past half-yearly and yearly papers of preliminary maths advanced?
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    too late for a good atar? pls help (desperate)

    Hi, I have just started my 3rd term of year 12 and I am currently freaking out - so any help would be much appreciated. I have not been doing well so far and was wondering if there is any hope for me. I managed to procrastinated big time for the past 2 terms so have a bunch I need to catch up...
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    Struggling with a question/specific topic

    Hi all, I am currently doing my major work for His Ext, however I am struggling to formulate a possible question or specific field of inquiry with which I can base my essay around. my overarching topic at the moment is Donald Trump, its really the only "historical topic" that interests me...
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    Hey everybody, PDHPE can be a very heavy content subject, to help you guys out I'm selling cheap notes based on the syllabus dot-points. These notes are very condensed and precise, making it very easy to memorize. I ranked 3rd out of the cohort. Core 1 notes- $5 Core 2 notes- $5 Core 1 and...
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    Hey everyone, I'm selling biology notes based on the new syllabus. Biology is a very heavy content subject, to relieve some stress I'm providing very cheap notes for modules 6,7,8 based on the dot points. Module 6- genetic change $4 Module 7- infectious disease $4 Module 8- Non-infectious...
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    HSC/Prelim Discussion Thread for The Class of 2021

    Hey guys, I'm a little new to this site! I'm looking to garner new friends and to engage in a chat with people who are in the same position as I am. In terms of subjects, I will be undertaking: English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Modern History, Biology, Math Standard, Business Studies Feel...
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    What is HSC Chemistry like?

    Basically I do Chemistry as I really enjoy it and need it for my future career. I'm currently doing all 6 subjects as I'm kinda scared whether I should continue doing chemistry or not? Most people are telling me that yr 12 chemistry is actually easier than yr 11 chemistry. Is that entirely true...