advanced math

  1. souli

    Is a study timetable necessary?

    Going into year 11 and all I'm hearing is "have a study timetable". Is this necessary? I start study/hw at 5 pm and work in Pomodoro on subjects generally (I write a to-do list based on importance when I get home) until dinner and until I go to bed (Usually 10:30). Do you think I should make...
  2. D

    Integration Material

    Hi, I am doing 4u maths, so advanced maths it not going to be assessed for me. However, I am new to integration so I started doing 2u integration from the Cambridge Maths book, however the questions are very similar and not that challenging. So if anyone has any harder worksheets for 2u...
  3. souli

    Tips on how to perform very well in Year 11?

    Hello everyone, I have just finished year 10, and done reasonably well; recieving third place across my year group. This year I put a lot more effort into my studies rather than fluffing around TBH :angel:. I want to get a high ATAR (99.95? Reach for the stars?) Next year I'm going into Year...
  4. D

    What study tips do you have for Ancient/Modern History, Advanced English/Maths?

    Hello! I've been mainly been hitting the high band 5~ish mark, but not quite getting into band 6 for Ancient and Modern History as well as Advanced English, so if you have any particular advice about what really gets you into those top bands, please do leave a comment <3 Also, any names of...
  5. J

    Notes for Maths advanced, earth and environmental and visual arts

    All notes are nice let formatted. Maths notes are very aesthetically pleasing lol. Earth and environmental notes done according to each dot point. Each subject is $5 for everything, and happy to send samples ect. Advanced maths notes cover yr 11 and 12 content
  6. isabella05

    Should I drop my maths level?

    I'm about to begin year 12, and one thing I've noticed is all year I've slacked off in maths advanced. I failed 2 exams in year 11, the others barley a pass, and I struggle understanding mathematical concepts - this is partially because of my laziness and lack of trying, but also I've found that...
  7. A

    Selling HSC Math Advanced & Extension 1 EXTENSIVE NOTES (NEW SYLLABUS) (99/100 2U & 48/50 3U)

    Math Advanced + Extension 1 Combined Notes (185 Pages, 2U HSC Mark 99/100, 3U HSC Mark 48/50) Includes full worked answers for all features questions, clearly set out notes. See sample in attachment, if you would like to see more please contact me. Topics include: Curve Transformations...
  8. Y

    Sequence Q.

    Hey, So I did this by subbing in values (rlly not efficient and time consuming). Can someone show me how they would actually solve this? Thanks The answer is (B)
  9. Pablo_35

    How do i revise for maths?

    Hello members of BOS ! With 28 days left until the advanced maths paper, i was wondering how i should be revising for maths. Right now i am doing chapter reviews from the Cambridge textbook and finishing a couple of pastpapers every week. i know this is a maths advanced thread but it'll be...
  10. M

    3x3 grid, pigeonhole principle

    Consider a with 3×3 grid where each cell contains a number of coins; for example, the following represents a possible configuration of coins on the grid (the integer in each cell is the number of coins in that cell): 12 3 1 1 8 4 2 13 0 This configuration is transformed in stages as follows: in...