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    Give me a estimate <3

    School Rank: 100-90 English Advanced: course mark 85: 15/100 Maths Advanced: course mark 81: 22/65 Economics: course mark 85: 8/50 2 Unit SOR: course mark 90: 11/40 Biology: course mark 91: 3/25 Just chuck down below what you think ill get :p
  2. A

    Chemistry or Economics

    Hey everyone, Is it easier to get a better ATAR is economics or chemistry?
  3. J

    average internal assessment rank and aiming for band 6

    Hellooo i’m doing accelerated math and we just received our ranks for our internal assessments (without trials) and mine is pretty bad :// i got 61.9/70 (which isn’t that bad) but my rank is 18th with trials my mark is 88.6/100 and i probably ranked top 15 but i’m not too sure would this...
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    Hey guys could you tell me what mark you got in your CSSA mathemtics trials? (specifically advanced). I just want to know what the average performance was like to see if I'm doing good or not or the test was too easy. It would be nice if you could also say the average in your class, what the...
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    HSC ATAR Yr 11 Subject Selection

    I am looking to do three languages and possibly Japanese Extension in yr 12 Japanese Continuers French Beginners Arabic Beginners (Open High) But i am not sure if this is a good idea does anyone have advice? Also is Open high good for studying languages? Also I’m not sure which subject I should...
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    10 or 11 units? HSC

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has advice for me. I am in year 11 and when I get to year 12, my plan is to study - English Advanced (currently studying in y11) - English Extension 1 (currently studying in y11) - English Extension 2 (will pick up in y12) - Maths Advanced (currently studying...
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    Can I still get a band 6

    Hi so here are my english marks for this year so far. Task 1: 80% Task 2: 95% Task 3: 93% Can I get a band 6!? What would I have to get in trials and hsc (considering scaling and stuff - my school is ranked 59?? i think somehwere around there could be lower) thanks