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  1. behindthecan28

    scaling questions

    i know scaling isn't supposed to matter if you do really well in your subjects but i feel so regretful that most of my subjects are not well scaling, i feel like its just added pressure to get really high marks. right now i'm taking adv english, standard math, biology, business, spanish and sac...
  2. cherrykku

    Will my school rank and cohort performance badly affect me?

    I go to a school where most students average around band 3-4's and there are only around a handful of students (including myself) who consistently achieve band 6's. Also our school is nowhere near the top 100 schools. In some subjects where there a a higher amount of students (CAFS, design and...
  3. V

    can your school ranking drag atar down?? pls help

    my school ranking is around 100-200 and it's a non selective school. my cohort is fairly smart? but there are certain people who could care less about the hsc and don't even turn up to class. i'm really worried that my atar marks will be scaled down due to low school ranking, since im trying to...
  4. J

    atar estimate

    will I get above 85 with these ranks/marks? school ranked 319 last year Subject | Ranks | No. of B6s in 2020 English advanced - 4/63 | 4 (estimated trial mark because of lockdown: 86%) Business studies - 5/45 | 1 (estimated trial mark because of lockdown: 92%) Community and family studies -...
  5. H

    96+ ???

    Hey guys I just wanted to see if people thought my atar goal of 96-98 was achievable with my internal marks. My school ranked 24th in NSW last year with 200 band 6s English adv: 4/92 Economics: 2/19 Legal: 2/19 Business: 1/41 English ext 1: 5/11 Maths advanced: 25/37
  6. C

    ENG EXT OR GEO....???? 🚑💨💀

    Hi guys if you're reading this PLS help me out!!!! I currently have 13 units for Y12 (4u math, 3u eng, mod his, chem, geo) And I'm thinking about dropping either 3u eng or Geography but I can't choose... both have their pros and cons Drop Eng Ext, Keep Geo Drop Geo, Keep Eng ext - Geo is a...
  7. A

    I think I screwed up..

    So first of all, screwed over my selective test. Go to a public school that isn't the best. I'm a competitive swimmer and spend most of my time outside of school swimming and tutoring. Its only come to me very recently that if I don't step up my game, I might end up working at McDonalds (or so...
  8. mannxv

    is anyone submitting a portfolio to uni for 2022 admission ? (usyd, unsw, uts)

    hey ! i want to submit a portfolio for consideration + atar to usyd, my first preference. round 1 closes on sunday but i'm assuming there will be additional rounds in december ? given nesa and uac dates have been pushed back. if you are applying, what works will you be including in your...
  9. Seedonator

    Am I screwed with Standard English?

    I'm at the end of year 11 right now and basically what's happened is in year 10 when picking my subjects for year 11, I decided to pick Standard English instead of Advanced because I hate English the most but I didn't really know about scaling for ATAR and stuff back then. Later I read that band...
  10. cpt Drew

    Turning my Grades Around

    CONTEXT: Recently throughout secondary school, I've experienced a lack of motivation which results in my lack of effort being put in school. I've done quite well with Crypto/Stocks so I always thought that the ATAR just determined how fast you got to your desired dream job. Fundamentally, I...
  11. J

    99.95 atar

    I need a really high atar is it possible to achieve it with these subjects English standard Physics Economics math ext 2 math ext 1 ik i shoulda done adv eng but it is what it is
  12. B


    Hi everyone! I graduated in 2020 from Bethany College, Hurstville with an ATAR of 96.10 and I am now studying Psychology at UNSW. *Feel free to email me if you would like notes for a specific topic only, instead of these suggested bundles and prices can be arranged, serafinapaletto3@gmail.com*...
  13. B

    Does the subjects i take for my hsc determine my entry into Uni?

    I'm currently in year 10 and taking up standard english, standard maths, economics, legal studies and industrial multi media next year. I am hoping to study bachelor of economics or something along the lines of that at UNSW. I tried searching if there were any pre-requisite required and...
  14. N

    I'm doing bad internally can I still get a 90+ atar

    I just got my results from our last round of exams (the next round will be trials which is worth 30% at my school). I did so bad for every subject this time.... I don't have all my ranking finalised at this stage but here is the gist: English (adv): 80/163 Maths(adv): 90/100....yes I KNOW...
  15. mary555

    90+ ATAR Likelihood

    hi, i'm in year 10 and subject selection is coming up, so I was wondering what the likelihood of receiving of a 90+ atar is with the subjects i'm thinking about taking: - advanced english - extension 1 english - studies of religion 1 (compulsory in my school) - advanced maths - modern history -...
  16. S

    is a high atar still possible?

    hi everyone, i'm really stressed at the moment for my year12 atar. i haven't been putting in much effort into studying for assesment tasks and after receiving back my first few marks, i realised how much i need to lift my game. so far for my internal marks i got 20-35% for AT1 & AT2 Chemistry...
  17. imxprt

    Is it possible to get a high ATAR of 99.95 with standard English?

    I was wondering can you get a 99.95 ATAR with standard English? If you have 4U maths to carry it to the atar?
  18. W

    Should I drop Extension 2 maths?

    Hi! So I was wondering whether if it was worth it dropping extension 2 maths? Currently I'm undertaking advanced english, physics, chemistry, SOR 1 and, of course, extension 2 maths. I've talked to some people and most of them have told me I need to think smart and choose the decision that...
  19. T


    Ok so im in year 12 atm and i have 13 units which just feels like SO MUCH - my schools obsessed with having tons of units but i really wanna drop, my exams are in 3-5 weeks, so i cant drop a 2 UNIT COURSE till then, but i can drop extension courses, lemme list all my subjects and my marks + how...
  20. W

    Legal Studies State Rank Tutoring (99+ ATAR)

    LEGAL STUDIES Tutoring (IN-PERSON & ONLINE) Hi Everyone, I'm Will and I am currently in my second year of Law School at Sydney University. In 2019, I graduated with a 99+ ATAR, scored the highest band in all my subjects (English Adv, Maths Ext 2, Economics, Legal Studies) and placed 14th in NSW...