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    HSC Chemistry/Biology tutoring

    Hello all, I am offering ONLINE science tutoring for HSC students. I am well versed in using the online Zoom platform to teach science, as it is a strong component of my degree. I have been tutoring over zoom for over a year. About me: - current pre-service teacher in my 4th year of a...
  2. L

    Chemistry Practical Assessments

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at the Year 12 assessment schedule and at my school the prac is worth 40% of internal marks. This year for chemistry, because our school was shut down, our practical assessment task was just at home and we had 2 weeks to do it, so I'm not too familiar with how it...
  3. E

    Year 11 Subjection Selection

    Hi, I am in year 10 and am looking for advice or tips on subject selection. I am looking to study: 1. English Ext 2 2. Maths Ext 1 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Legal studies?? I am planning on dropping whatever 5th subject I choose so that I have 11 units for yr 12. I am interested in legal...
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    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I am currently enrolled in the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  5. L

    Is Dux College better than PEAK?

    Hello everyone! I really wanted to go tutoring for Physics and Chemistry at the end October this year (I'm in year 11) and I would prefer to go to an affordable tutoring. However, I am more willing to sacrifice the price for quality tutoring resources. Can anyone please share me some tips...
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    Hey. If anyone knows me from my other threads, especially "am i too dumb for chemistry" i assume that you know my condition with chemistry and how much i absolutely suck at it. right now i am learning it but VERY VERY BEHIND IN CLASS and do not understand a thing. i feel very bad about this and...
  7. L

    Chemistry Questions

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if any of you knew of any websites or anything that are helpful for chemistry in Year 11 and 12? My teacher doesn't really teach - she sort of just reads out of the textbook and sometimes I need some extra explanation and was wondering where I could find it...
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    In Focus 11 Chemistry Book

    Hey I was wondering if anyone happened to have the pdf version of the most recent in focus chem textbook! thanks in advance :)
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    Hi! I’m Kim, I graduated James Ruse in 2019 and am studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science/ Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Sydney. I am quite an experienced tutor, having taught an Earth Science Olympiad training class in 2018 aswell as at the Earth Science Olympiad Summer School in...
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    Best Textbooks for Chemistry and Physics?

    Hi all, Sorry I know everyone asks this question every year, but I can only find threads discussing the best textbooks from 8 years ago which I figure are obsolete because of curriculum changes. First question is what is the best textbook(s) for Chemistry? I've heard the Pearson ones are pretty...
  11. Talent

    HSC Chemistry Video Series (Module 5)

    Hi everyone! 👋 We're excited to share our brand new video series on HSC Chemistry Module 5: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions. These videos revise some of the most popular topics you'll be studying this term, and are absolutely FREE! Would love to know what you think, and if they're useful...
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    Selling my used HSC books 2019 newest syllubus

    If anyone interested please contact 0424012968 mike thanks,.
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    What is HSC Chemistry like?

    Basically I do Chemistry as I really enjoy it and need it for my future career. I'm currently doing all 6 subjects as I'm kinda scared whether I should continue doing chemistry or not? Most people are telling me that yr 12 chemistry is actually easier than yr 11 chemistry. Is that entirely true...
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    I just started year 12 this week and have been facing an apparently 'detrimental' issue since I'm doing all 6 subjects and have no free periods which my school doesn't really accept. Since I go to a selective/private school, they are able to determine what subjects we do and if we are to be...
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    Chemistry or Economics

    Hey everyone, Is it easier to get a better ATAR is economics or chemistry?
  16. R

    Stuck with my subjects

    Hey everyone, I’m currently in Year 11 doing Advanced Maths, bio, Chem, Hospitality, Modern History and Advanved English. I’ve been struggling with advanced maths the whole year and somehow no matter how much study I put in nothing positive seems to come out of it as the result stays the same...
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    Help Please!!! Fertilizer Experiment, percentage yield and variables!!!

    So basically I have an experiment that states that I need to determine percentage yield of sulfate there is in a fertilizer. These are my calculations and results. (The write up that i have produced is attached. It is expected for me to get around 17% but as you can see i haven't. Also what...