1. S

    How do I do these questions?

  2. I

    do people usually get a higher b6 in bio than chem?

    deciding what to drop before hsc
  3. I

    Biology or chemistry (to drop for yr 12)

    Hi everyone, I'm going into yr 12 next term, and I have no idea whether to drop chemistry or biology. I'm on 14 units atm, and I want to drop to 12 units. My other subjects are ext 2 math, adv english, legal and ancient history. I need to get at least a 97 atar for my degree, and I go to a top...
  4. H

    Year 11 prelim result

    Hiii everyone. I recently got my prelim result back for chemistry and it wasn't what I expected. I got a 83% which wasn't bad but in term 1 and 2 I got 98% and 88% and I was ranked 1st and 6th out of 130ish people in my school taking chem. I was expecting 90+ and was really dissappointed with...
  5. W

    Zhangs any good if I’m failing chemistry???

    I’m not failing but I reckon I’m cutting it pretty close. And all the Zhang kids are getting band 6s so is it gonna be too hard? Also, I am in year 11 rn ans I’m gonna be in year 12 next term but they’ve already started the term for year 12 so… I already have a private chem tutor right now but I...
  6. lala33


    are all of the compounds insoluble/ precipitates?
  7. S

    If Qsp=Ksp does that mean a precipitate will form ?

    I understand that at Ksp we have a saturated solution which is where you have the maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in a given solvent but multiple people are saying different things. Some people are saying there is no precipitate and some people are saying there is a precipitate. I am...
  8. S

    Are we supposed to know how exactly the lewis theory of acids and bases works?

    Just wanna know if we need to fully understand the lewis theory, like knowing how the electron pair transfer and that sort works. Because when I was learning this a few months ago I recall my teacher saying that we don't need to know how lewis theory works.... we just need to know the...
  9. G

    Best Chemistry Tutor for Year 11

    Hey guys, So I am planning on getting a chemistry tutor for Year 11, 2024, as I'm currently in Year 10 and want one that starts a bit early in like term 3 to 4. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on tutoring centres that are good. I've been thinking about Peak HSC and Matrix, but open...
  10. G

    Subject Selections

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of selecting my subjects for Year 11, as I will be completing the HSC in 2025. Right now I'm thinking: 1. Math Ext 1 2. Math Adv 3. English Adv 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Physics or Legal 6. SOR1 (Compulsory) All the others are pretty much locked in, bio...
  11. J

    Sunday 6:30pm Free Online Mod 2 and Mod 7 Chemistry Wrap-Up Seminars ACE

    Hey everyone, Justin from ACE here again. As we want to make these a mainstay in the calendar, we’re holding another round of our End of Module Wrap Up Seminars this weekend! Like always, we want these these seminars to do as much good as possible, so they are completely free and open to...
  12. spicychickennuggets

    English Ext 1st in School| ATAR 99.50 |Band 6 HSC tutoring |English Adv & Ext 1

    Hi :) I’m Joanna and I graduated from Meriden in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.50. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/ Law at UNSW. Offering affordable, 1-on-1 private tutoring for English Advanced and Extension 1. Qualifications for English: Overall rank 1in English...
  13. D

    Practical Assesments

    Hi, I have a practical process task for mod 6 for both chemistry and physics so what are possible things they may ask us to do. Additionally, how would you guys recommend I study for these sort of tasks, and what is the best approach to maximise marks? Also if anyone has any past papers of...
  14. M

    Year 12, 11 And Lower Books For Sale

    Hey guys, I am clearing out my Year 12 and past books, of my brothers, I retrieved (Of Years 8-11) at cheap rates and most of great conditions that can be negotiated. These include a range of subjects like Biology; Blitzing (COLLECTION OF PAST PAPERS), Surfing complete, (ALL 3 Not used) YEAR 11...
  15. 1

    Selling HSC CHEM + GEO RESOURCES - HSC Chem Mark (97), HSC Geo Mark (93)

    Finished accel Chem and Geo last year (2021) and have decided to put up my notes for sale. Spent a lot of time making these throughout the year which certainly helped a lot in both subjects. Chemistry Full HSC Modules 5-8 Course Notes (174 pages) ($25) including the following prac reports (43...
  16. H

    James Ruse graduate selling CHEAP school and tutoring resources (math, eng, chem, modern history, music; year 10-12)

    Math: Year 9-10 Ngo and Sons homework sets. Have it all for $10. I have notes too for free if you want Year 12 HSC Math private tutor notes and problem sets (3 folders of problems and hand written notes across a few books) buy all for $20 Year 12 HSC Ext 1 Math Dr. Du homework booklets, DONE IN...
  17. emmi.e

    accelerated student and im really screwed for the chem hsc

    Hi guys, I am in a really tough spot right now, I recently moved to a senior high school and I have obviously been adjusting really terribly cause my grades have absolutely plummeted. I have 'completed' almost three HSC tasks for the chem HSC this year and I haven't gotten past 30% for either of...
  18. D

    Chemistry depth study

    Hi, I recently received a depth study for Chemistry, in which we are tasked with creating a in depth question about the application of catalysts in the industry. After this, we will have some sort of in class assessment, for this. I am not sure what question I should do, and what they might ask...
  19. D

    HSC study lab course review

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here has done the Macquarie Uni study lab for physics and/or chemistry and if it is worth buying. (it did not let me post the URL) Thanks, Dhwanit