1. R

    Australia's BOP

    Why did the NPY deficit decline in September 2022 to December 2022 in Australia?? Pls help I can't find anything about it
  2. S

    business studies essay tips?? please help

    Hi guys, how do I approach a business essay with a case study? 1. do I use more of the case study or the theory? e.g the 30-70 rule. - is it better to do 30% theory and 70% case study or 70% theory and 30% case study? 2. is a business essay the similar structure to economics? like DPEEL...
  3. Huntress_Waffle

    Thoughts on Computer Science/ Economics double degree?

    Hey guys so I RLYY like eco, but I don't think a single Eco degree will easily get me a job as compared to if I go into software engineering/comp sci/ data science. Especially because I have absolutely no connections in the business/eco/finance field whereas my parents both do techy jobs. I'm...
  4. souli

    Dealing with a bad teacher? (economics)

    It's basically the title.. At my school, there's only one economics teacher (other teachers can take it but they don't have any classes for year 11) and he's awful; he doesn't stick to the NESA points and rambles on about useless information we won't be tested on and difficult questions he...
  5. A

    Art of Smart for Economics tutoring

    Does anyone here go to Art of Smart for HSC Economics tutoring? If you do, could you give it a review? If not, what other economics tutors would you recommend?
  6. C

    Subjects for Prelims

    Hi, I picked my subjects for prelims '23 recently: - SOR 2 (compulsory to have 12 units exact even tho I average Bs in religion) - Physics - Eco - Math Ext & Adv - Eng Ext & Adv I wanted to switch eco for smth else because it might be too much on top of everything else. If I do, I'll change to...
  7. souli

    Tips on how to perform very well in Year 11?

    Hello everyone, I have just finished year 10, and done reasonably well; recieving third place across my year group. This year I put a lot more effort into my studies rather than fluffing around TBH :angel:. I want to get a high ATAR (99.95? Reach for the stars?) Next year I'm going into Year...
  8. S

    ECONOMICS essay helppp please URGENT

    Hi guys, for consequences of trade and globalisation on economic growth should I write a. income inequality--> structural unemployment or environmental degradation? I don't think I can do both as I only have 40 minutes to write and In terms of stats which stats should I use? which one...
  9. S

    ECONOMICS EXAM (internal) help urgent help please

    Hey guys, can any suggest or predict what the essay will be for economics topic 1 HSC? we got a practice question on analyse the impact of globalisation on economic growth and development...and living standards there was also one about analyse how globalisation and free trade affects Australia's...
  10. S

    ECONOMICS CASE STUDY China or Japan?

    Should my case study for year 12 2023 be on China or Japan? I heard China is a bit awkward to write now due to its relationship with other countries atm? My teacher also said it could be too popular and awkward right now to write. But my new tutor and another teacher said China is still a good...
  11. D

    What subject do I drop?

    I am not sure as to what subject I should drop, I am doing 3u maths, adv english, chem, physics, PDH and Eco, and i am probably going to be picking up 4u maths, so I want to cut down to 12 units. I feel like 10 units is going to be too risky because of 4u, so I have made up my mind to either...
  12. S


    Hey guys how can you study and prepare for hsc economics, given that there are so many new statistics? Please also suggest any tips if you can! And any resources would be much appreciated thank you!
  13. thatnormster

    What's easier? Biology or Economics?

    Yo! Here are the subjects that I've locked in for next year • Math Adv + Ext 1 • English Adv + Ext 2 • Geography And I'm tossing up between Biology and Economics. I hate studying Economics but I'm doing unbelievably well in it... I grasp the content well, it's just a chore to study for. I'm...
  14. D

    How do I study for an economics stimulus-based essay?

    Hi all, I currently have an upcoming economics stimulus-based essay. I was just wondering how I should be preparing for it, it is on topic 3 and macroeconomic policies of topic 4? Any tips or practice questions will help.
  15. D

    Topc 5 economics Exam

    Hi, I have an upcoming assessment task for economics, where we are to complete an unseen extended response, and it may be about anything related to topic 5 in economics, which is related to the financial markets in Australia. Does anyone have any past questions, which they may have received...
  16. #26MysteryMarker

    Bachelor of Economics- Bachelor of Laws

    Hey guys, As you may know, entry into USYD eco-law is very competitive (arguably on par with medicine at other unis). Does anyone know how big the intake is every year? and if someone actually does this right now, what are your experiences? (pros/cons, regrets, advice etc.) Thanks.
  17. J

    How tf do i prepare for the two economics essay in the HSC exam bruh

    If any of you guys have any tips or tricks they'll be very helpfull!!!!!
  18. moonbow

    subject help pls (mostly worried ab scaling)

    hello :D this is my first post so im not sure if im doing this right anyways my current subjects r english advanced, maths standard, economics, legal studies, korean beginners n modern history. im aiming for an atar of definitely 90+ and it wld b amazing if i cld get 95+ but idk if itll b rly...
  19. L

    NOTES and ESSAYS (96) Business Studies (94) Economics (94) English Advanced

    Hi all, Hope you are all enjoying your last few days before going back to school! I completed my HSC in 2021, graduating with a 96 in Business Studies, 94 in Economics and 94 in English Advanced. I solely studied from the below resources in the lead up to my HSC, and solely attribute my...
  20. S

    99.75 ATAR - ONLINE OR IN-PERSON TUTORING (English, Economics, Legal, Maths)

    As a 2021 graduate who has the most contemporary understanding of what is needed to succeed, I am passionate about helping future students achieve their potential in the HSC. I offer online (over zoom) or in person (at a library) using the vast amount of resources I compiled during my own...