1. niecoups

    what the heck is the edutest thing and how do you study for it? + questions about jrahs (considering to try get in for year 11 2025 jrahs entry :'))

    hello! i am a kid who is kind of determined to transferring schools from my current selective school (as i felt like my current school was honestly so behind compared to other schools + my whole school experience has honestly been on autopilot) to another selective school (ideally jrahs bc they...
  2. B

    Baulkham Hills Interview Questions

    hi there, i recently got a call from baulkham hills saying that there is a vacancy available and they would like to have an interview with me in regards of transferring next year. anyone that has done the interview or has any sort of knowledge about the interview, would u be able to give me an...
  3. B

    Edutest results & transferring high schools

    Hi guys, So I went through the process to try and transfer high schools this year and I did the Edutest exam earlier this year. I put down JR and Baulko down (quite adventurous of me I know) and sent my application through with a vast amount of certificates from both extracurricular and...
  4. S

    Year 10 2024 School applications

    I am starting to get some of my results for the schools I applied for this year and I can’t seem to make a choice where to go if all goes well. First of all, I go to a top 30 private school and currently rank around 20-30 within my cohort of ~250 students. I applied to various schools such as...
  5. Sir Jigger II

    Year 8-11 Selective Result Discussion

    Questions regarding selective entry after year 7
  6. H

    has anyone ever done an edutest?

    What is the content like in the edutest for year 10? I am doing one soon and am wondering if you thought it was hard or easy. Like the naplan or an iq test? What types of questions will be in the exam? There is no clear criteria so I am asking. For the math, it just says "math appropriate to...