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english adavanced

  1. katiekms

    Can anyone mark/give feedback on my poetry for Mod C?

    Hi everyone, for Module C we had to create a response to the stimulus “the primary concern of good text is to create an emotional response in the reader”. I chose to do a poem. Is anyone willing to read over my poem and mark and give feedback on how to improve? keep in mind this is literally...
  2. C

    Creative + Reflection Year 11 - 19/20

    here is a creative and reflection I did in term 1 of year 11 that got 19/20! Creative - 9/10 (marked down as it didn't adhere to stimulus enough) Reflection - 10/10
  3. fandagles_029

    persuasive writing

    hi everyone, i haven't written a persuasive piece in a really long time and now I'm confused as to how i should structure it and what to include etc. so if anyone has ANY tips or examples they can give me that would be so helpful and i would literally be forever grateful :')
  4. whozathangin

    why is English compulsory?

    I get why its needed up to year 10 as a core subject to prepare students if they want to continue it, but after that it just drags out and you don't really learn much that's useful in the grand scheme of things other than to overanalyse texts. id also much rather using that subject slot for...
  5. aqwerty13402

    Why is Looking for Richard so awful?

    I have never had such a visceral hatred for a text throughout my schooling career, then that of LFR. I don't think that there is a redeeming factor. I love metatextuality but oh my lord! Every time Richard gives a monologue I literally want to throw up all of my desk. I cannot do this, send...
  6. B

    99.50 ATAR (6 years experience) English, Eco & Bus. Studies Tutor

    Hey all! My name is Rohan Bhatia - I’m a current Doctor of Medicine student at The University of Sydney and graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.50. Since then, I have built 6 years of tutoring experience teaching over 50 students in both private and group environments. My HSC marks are as...
  7. E


    Hello everyone! I graduated from a top NSW selective school back in 2023, and I'm currently selling the essays that I used in the Trials and HSC to achieve results in both English Advanced and Extension 1. The essays/creatives/discursive that I'm offering below are the exact ones I used and...
  8. G

    what subject to drop? pls help!!

    hey im about to start year 12 soon, I'm unsure about which subject to drop. I currently have 13 units but will be doing my SOR 1 unit HSC this year. So going into my hsc exams next year, I'll have 12 units but I would like to drop 1 or 2 units for workload. My averages and ranks across each...
  9. D

    Is dropling English Advanced to Standard worth it for me?

    I've been mostly a C student in advanced, apart from prelims where I got a B because I genuinly studied. I've been unlucky with essay writing times as I'm a slow writer. However standard isn't doing any much better. My mark of 41/60 in advanced was higher than the English standard highest mark...
  10. S

    Module C English advanced prediction?

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask what your predictions are for the module C English advanced. Do you think it will be discursive, persuasive or creative? and how are you going to prepare for it? like do you think it's a good idea to memorise the imaginative and then turn it into a discursive? Or...
  11. D

    English Papers

    I've noticed that there aren't that many english advanced papers on any of the websites (**********, BOS or ACEHSC), so if anyone has them it would be greatly appreciated if they could share them, even your own school papers is fine, because eventually we can collate them all.
  12. E

    Unseen texts short answers

    Hey guys, does anyone have any tips of how to practice section 1 paper 1? I have done all the HSC papers so now all the papers I do from THSC don't have suggested answers. My teacher is super busy so is unwilling to mark new things I submit (as it is a lot more work to mark shorts then essays)...
  13. jccc

    Should I drop down to Standard English?

    I'm in Year 11 and will be doing my preliminary exams next week. I'm really conflicted about English. I'm doing Advanced English and it's my worst subject (average 75%). I want to see how I go but is is worth it to drop down to standard? I'm not a fan of English right now but at the same time it...
  14. K

    English Advanced Essays (95/100 49/50)

    Hi, I am selling my English Advanced essays for $20 each. I got 99/100 and 49/50 in English Advanced and Extension trials. Common Mod - Merchant of Venice Mod A - The Meursault Investigation and The Stranger Mod B - T.S. Eliot Message if interested.
  15. R

    Copywriter, Math and English tutoring 7-12

    👩🏻‍🎓5 years high school English tutoring experience. 👩🏻‍🎓Studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney 👩🏻‍🎓Currently working as a copywriter What makes me better than other tutors? Most tutors and tutoring colleges teach students by the old lecture method where you listen to the...
  16. sophiie.burns

    things that helped me stay organised in my HSC year

    hey these are some vids that I wish I found when I first started year 12 x How to Organise Your Notes (for a great ATAR!) Make Sure You're Answering the Question Ace the Unseen Texts in the HSC English Exams How to Write HSC Visual Art Essays
  17. E

    FREE Mod C Feedback & Marking

    Hello there! We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as the team from Enlightening Education. A newly established and highly motivated English tutoring group, our primary goal is to empower students to excel in the HSC. To ensure the utmost quality of teaching, we have an exciting offer...
  18. T

    Get ready for Term 4 HSC English NOW

    Tutoring with a current High School English Teacher of 15+ years' experience Visit topmarksenglish.com.au or email drd@topmarksenglish.com.au * Experienced with current Standard, Advanced and Extension courses, HSC Drama Course. * Previous experience as HSC Drama Examiner, written paper and...
  19. H

    English Tutoring Places / Private Tutor Recommendation

    Hi. I am in year 11 and I am super stressed about English. Are there recommendations with tutoring centre or private tutors that I can go to? I live near north shore and Epping area and I am fine with any prices. I have checked out places like Delta and JP, but I found Delta too $$ and JP was...
  20. F

    James Ruse Graduate - ADV ENG (97), EXT ENG (48/50) ENGLISH TUTORING

    All my students in the 2022 intake got a band 6 in 2U and 3U Eng (100% success rate) and a 90+ LAT. ADVANCED, EXTENSION AND EXTENSION II ENGLISH TUTORING UNSW Medicine | James Ruse Graduate (2021) | 99.35 ATAR | 97 UCAT | 91 LAT Hi! I’m Ava and I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High...