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english advanced

  1. queenb_3

    English 2020 Trials?

    Hey, Does anyone have any 2020 trials for English Advanced? Thank you!
  2. queenb_3

    English Essay marking

    Hey there! Is there a chance I can get in contact with someone who has scored well in their HSC English advanced examination (band 6 and above), or even a HSC marker, who would be willing to mark my base essays for me? The texts I've studied are as follows: - Common Module: The Crucible by...
  3. H


    Anyone who has done Great Expectations by Charles Dickens what are the key themes that I should be talking about in my essay. I got my trials back today did not do as expected so please give me tips in reference to this text.
  4. S


    HEY, I've got the catholic papers for my trials. English Paper 1 on Monday, Paper 2 on Tuesday. I have done the absolute bare minimum study and don't know where to start. My texts are the merchant of Venice(CM), Mrs Dalloway/the hours(MA), T.s Eliot poetry(MB), and then Nam le love and...
  5. K

    99.85 ATAR + Modern History State Rank (5th) in 2019 | HSC Notes/Tutoring for the NEW SYLLABUS

    Hi! I graduated in 2019, achieving an ATAR of 99.85, a State Rank in Modern History (5th) and Band 6 for all of my subjects. Services available: - ONLINE tutoring in years 7-10 English as well as HSC English Advanced, Biology, Legal Studies, Science Extension and Modern History - Condensed +...
  6. B

    Has anyone done a past the shallows essay? Like how should i even structure it

    I know its a bit late, ive got a week until trials and eng is ofc the first exams :sleep:. does anyone have like a essay structure you would write for a 'Past the shallows' essay?
  7. G

    How to attribute a technique to a quote?

    Hi! I'm in a bit of a pickle, It's encouraged to apply a technique to every quote you use, but usually, the most important/useful quotes from a text don't have a conventional technique to them, and I don't want to reach saying that it's a metaphor, simile or that it uses imagery when it clearly...
  8. A

    97 ATAR Eng Adv (94) + Eng Ext 1 (47) + Modern History (94 )+ Biology (93) Notes and Essays

    Hey guys : D I haven't been back here in a while but I'm going to be selling my HSC notes + essays for v cheap! I went to a top 10 selective school and got a 97+ ATAR in 2019 (so these are all for the new syllabus!), pm me for more details or proof if you want haha. The subjects I'm selling...
  9. A


    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I am currently enrolled in the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  10. Helpme2244


    Anyone got notes on TS Elliot or Modernism in general. I'd really appreciate it 🙃
  11. K

    1984 Summary

    Hi, anyone got a summary or sample essay for 1984? Thanks!
  12. vivillon

    Best English tutoring centre?

    Hi! I was trying to figure out what would be the best place to go English tutoring for Year 11 English Adv (and Ext 1 if they have it). I'm fine with travel so that's not really a big deal for me. So far, I've been looking at Matrix Education. I'm not that sure though, I've been recommended...
  13. D

    Band 6 english essays for sale.

    Hi, im selling my band 6 english advanced essays, $15 each. Message me if you're interested.
  14. G

    First in State Tutor for HSC English

    Hi guys! I topped NSW in English Advanced in 2018 as well as achieving fifth in state in Extension 1 and a 48/50 in Extension 2; with my 2019 students having wrapped up their studies, I'm hoping to take on some students for the 2020 HSC class. I am a dedicated and expererienced tutor with...
  15. T

    Advanced English HSC Assessment Feedback

    Hey guys! I'm a student who just started Year 12 Advanced English. Our assessment includes inviting and reviewing choices made in the Common Module of the Advanced Course. As part of this review process, we have been requested to make a 3-5 minute submission to the English Advanced teachers in...
  16. A

    Related texts for Merchant of Venice ??

    If anyone has good related texts for the Merchant of Venice please help me out! And if you have any good quotes and techniques or essays for that related text comment them also! Thanks!
  17. H


    I didnt know that whiteout was not allowed in the hsc exams and the supervisors didnt say anything about it even though they looked at what I had for the exam multiple times. So I used it for English, japanese beginners and mathematics. Will it affect my mark and will I get penalised for it?
  18. periodmami

    Stuck on Thesis statement, please help <3

    Hey guys I have an upcoming In-depth novel study exam for 'The story of Tom Brennan'. The book discovers the impact of grief and the importance of acceptance and family. We are starting to break down how to write the essay, and therefore have been given the overall question: "How do the...
  19. S

    Module C Question

    What are the chances they'll ask for a specific type of text? Or will they more likely give us an option between imaginative, discursive etc?
  20. S

    Module A Question

    I've studied John Keats Poems. What are the chances they'll ask for a specific poem? Or will they just ask to mention 2 poems?