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  1. Jarjarbinx

    casual tutoring available !

    :biglaugh: Hello ! I'm Bianca, from the class of 2020 ! I recently completed my HSC with some decent results and would love to share some of my advice through zoom-style casual sessions ! You can schedule a session or two with me to look over essays, notes, assignments etc : ) here are my...
  2. I

    English Essay - 1984

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if people could give me some feedback on which of these essay ideas they think would be most effective, I have no idea which one to decide! Thesis Idea 1: Challenges that arise from the necessary interaction between the individual and the collective Paragraph 1...
  3. A

    Tutoring for English ADVANCED/ EXTENSION 1 and 2

    Does anyone know the best tutor around the fairfield, cabramatta, canley, for English Advanced/ Extension 1,2 ? (Ngo and Sons, PEAK, Diab and co, etc)
  4. A


    Anyone know any good related texts to accompany the crucible? (preferably not 'The Scarlet Letter' as many people are already doing that)
  5. S

    English Advanced Module A- King Richard III by William Shakespeare and looking for Richard by Al Pacino

    Hey everybody, I'm selling cheap English practice essays based on the new syllabus. I studied King Richard III and Looking For Richard, and received high marks in the HSC course. It is very important to practice essays, therefore I would like to help you guys out and sell the practice essays I...
  6. S


    Hey everybody, I'm selling cheap English practice essays based on the new syllabus. I studied The Crucible by Arthur Miller and received high marks in the HSC course. It is very important to practice essays, therefore I would like to help you guys out and sell the practice essays I completed...
  7. A

    Tutoring at NGO and SONS

    Does anyone know whether Ngo and Sons provide good tutoring services for Science and English? I know that maths is excellent but not too sure about other subjects THank you in advance
  8. M


    Hi guys, for my first HSC assessment I need to analyse 3 different texts that are to be asked about in the exam. I really need help with analysing this speech (like techniques) and I am struggling so bad :( I would greatly appreciate any help THANK YOU SO MUCH Your Majesties, your Royal...
  9. A

    Need Related 'Merchant Of Venice' Text

    Hey so I've got a multi-model English Adv speech due in two weeks where we need to compare the Merchant Of Venice to a related text. I was thinking on doing a short story on love and prejudice but I cant find anything Anyone have related text ideas?
  10. A

    English (ADV/STD) | Business Studies | SDD Tutoring - 95.50 ATAR

    Hi! My name is Anthony and I am a 2019 HSC Graduate. SMARTR Tutoring is my own tutoring business, where I offer PRIVATE and PERSONALISED tutoring services. In tutoring multiple HSC students throughout 2019 through till now, I have the experience, specialised knowledge and skills to help you to...
  11. P

    Best English tutoring centres / tutors?

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out the best tutoring centres and/or tutors to go to for Y11 English Adv. tutoring (ext 1 if they offer it as well). I've looked at Matrix and Talent100 so far based on past experiences with those centres, but other than that, I'm mostly at a loss right now. Any input...
  12. Minari243

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller related texts

    Hi!! I'm having a bit of trouble picking my related text for the common module: Texts and human experiences. My text is The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Does anyone have any suggestions for which related text I could do? Thanks!
  13. queenb_3

    English 2020 Trials?

    Hey, Does anyone have any 2020 trials for English Advanced? Thank you!
  14. queenb_3

    English Essay marking

    Hey there! Is there a chance I can get in contact with someone who has scored well in their HSC English advanced examination (band 6 and above), or even a HSC marker, who would be willing to mark my base essays for me? The texts I've studied are as follows: - Common Module: The Crucible by...
  15. H


    Anyone who has done Great Expectations by Charles Dickens what are the key themes that I should be talking about in my essay. I got my trials back today did not do as expected so please give me tips in reference to this text.
  16. S


    HEY, I've got the catholic papers for my trials. English Paper 1 on Monday, Paper 2 on Tuesday. I have done the absolute bare minimum study and don't know where to start. My texts are the merchant of Venice(CM), Mrs Dalloway/the hours(MA), T.s Eliot poetry(MB), and then Nam le love and...
  17. K

    99.85 ATAR + Modern History State Rank (5th) in 2019 | HSC Notes/Tutoring for the NEW SYLLABUS

    Hi! I graduated in 2019, achieving an ATAR of 99.85, a State Rank in Modern History (5th) and Band 6 for all of my subjects. Services available: - ONLINE tutoring in years 7-10 English as well as HSC English Advanced, Biology, Legal Studies, Science Extension and Modern History - Condensed +...
  18. B

    Has anyone done a past the shallows essay? Like how should i even structure it

    I know its a bit late, ive got a week until trials and eng is ofc the first exams :sleep:. does anyone have like a essay structure you would write for a 'Past the shallows' essay?
  19. G

    How to attribute a technique to a quote?

    Hi! I'm in a bit of a pickle, It's encouraged to apply a technique to every quote you use, but usually, the most important/useful quotes from a text don't have a conventional technique to them, and I don't want to reach saying that it's a metaphor, simile or that it uses imagery when it clearly...
  20. A

    97 ATAR Eng Adv (94) + Eng Ext 1 (47) + Modern History (94 )+ Biology (93) Notes and Essays

    Hey guys : D I haven't been back here in a while but I'm going to be selling my HSC notes + essays for v cheap! I went to a top 10 selective school and got a 97+ ATAR in 2019 (so these are all for the new syllabus!), pm me for more details or proof if you want haha. The subjects I'm selling...