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  1. N

    affordable english tutor

    hey guys! what are your recommendations on good yet affordable english tutors? I heard about JP english, Delta, etc but dont know which one to choose. I live near paramatta.
  2. spicychickennuggets

    English Ext 1st in School| ATAR 99.50 |Band 6 HSC tutoring |English Adv & Ext 1, Chemistry

    Hi :) I’m Joanna and I graduated from Meriden in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.50. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/ Law at UNSW. Offering affordable, 1-on-1 private tutoring for English and Chemistry. Qualifications for English and Chemistry: Overall rank 1in English...
  3. souli

    Tips for going into Year 11?

    I'm going into year 11 and my subjects are as follow; Advanced Mathematics, Advanced English, Extension English, Economics, Modern History, Modern Greek (accelerated). Any tips will be appreciated, no matter how big or small. Thank you so much!
  4. Hamburgler

    Selling the EXACT English Advanced Essays that I wrote in the 2022 HSC - 94 External - 99.40 ATAR

    I'm selling the exact essays I wrote in the external HSC word for word - costing me $86 to get it back which are now in a word document (1.1k words each essay). My Credentials: - 99.40 ATAR, graduated from Sydney Boys High School - 5th in State for Music 1 - All Rounders / Top Achiever - Elite...
  5. A

    Still I rise [Overcoming adversity]

    Hello, I am doing Still I rise by Maya Angelou as a human experience text but when I analyse the poem, I can not find how the author overcomes adversity. Is it alright if you help me? Thank you <3333
  6. I

    Help on finding a technique

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you guys had any techniques you could find from the following quote from 1984. For some more context, I was trying to analyse how the Party forces Winston to break his love with Julia: Winston: "Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don't care...
  7. thatnormster

    Which related text should I do?

    Hey! Just a quick survey. If you're going to suggest something other than the 2 I've gotten, let me know what you think based off of the reading list my school gave me.
  8. T


    MATH ADVANCE (free Cambridge soft copy textbook with any purchase) - matrix year 11/12 math advanced theory books (written) for $30 each - matrix year 11/12 math advanced homework books (not written) for $20 each (if you want to buy both years resources, the price is negotiable) ENGLISH ADVANCE...
  9. tk8

    4U English in HSC, so Advanced doesn't count towards ATAR?

    Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, if I ace Extension 1 and Extension 2 in the HSC and I completely bomb Advanced, will Advanced not count towards my ATAR (considering I do 12 units)? Is this also a possible/recommended idea, and has anyone ever done this before? thanks!
  10. S

    English Advanced

    Hey guys I need help for English advanced. I’m going into year 12 next term and I need helpppp🥲 My prelim and past test have been bad. However I am passing but just barely. I don’t know how to prepare or study for it and am considering to drop to standard or find a tutor. However I heard some...
  11. D

    Judith Wright Material

    Hi, I have an essay for English in two weeks about Judith Wright, on the four poems, flame tree in a quarry, south of my days, hawthorn hedge, and train journey. If anyone has any material regarding this, or essays they have done on Judith Wright, it would be great if they could please share it...
  12. J

    Questions For English Advanced Short Answer (preliminary) OR Essay Question For Othello?

    Hey, does anyone have any past paper questions for short answer questions (in English advanced prelim) or an essay question for Othello?
  13. I


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  14. H

    James Ruse graduate selling CHEAP school and tutoring resources (math, eng, chem, modern history, music; year 10-12)

    Math: Year 9-10 Ngo and Sons homework sets. Have it all for $10. I have notes too for free if you want Year 12 HSC Math private tutor notes and problem sets (3 folders of problems and hand written notes across a few books) buy all for $20 Year 12 HSC Ext 1 Math Dr. Du homework booklets, DONE IN...
  15. D

    Can't Find Past Papers From New Syllabus

    Hi, In preparation for the prelim exams, I am on the search for past papers, however, almost all of the papers I have found are from the old syllabus (pre-2018) and I am not sure where I can find new syllabus papers. So if anyone has past papers/knows a website I can view past papers for...
  16. I

    Skills vs Text Based Tutoring

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  17. D

    Trial Mod C question?

    I'm very reliant on memorising for English, so for trials I've realised that I do not have enough time to memorise a creative however I do have a memorised discursive. My question is, what tips are there in transforming a discursive into an imaginative during the exam. Could I make it seem as If...
  18. goblinslayer

    Trials advice

    Hi guys, so i do business studies and i haven’t gone over the content yet, so to not waste time would it be best to do open book exams for now? also for english adv how many creative pieces/discursives/reflections should i prepare?
  19. N

    Need help with English?

    If you require assistance with English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Business Studies and/or Legal Studies feel free to contact me. I've been a tutor for 5 years and have recently undertaken 13 HSC students - I have been accumulating my resources based on feedback from HSC...
  20. J

    How long to memorise? URGENT

    I have a Mod B/C exam tomorrow at 9am. I plan to memorise around 1500 words in responses before then, with 700 words being written already. I'm willing to stay up until 2am (currently 7pm) and estimate it will take me around 3 hours to complete the rest of my 800 words. Is it possible to...