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english advanced

  1. ButteryNucleotide

    how do i analyse a film

    i have an assessment coming up where i have to analyse blade runner and the handmaid's tale. my question is "How effectively does speculative fiction explore universal themes and issues relevant to human experiences?" the assessment says i have to look at: The public and private worlds...
  2. ladybirdcomplex

    Looking for ideas for themes for The Tempest/Hag-Seed essay

    Helloooo, This term I'm doing Mod A (specifically comparing The Tempest and Hag-Seed) and for my assessment this term we're doing an in-class essay. I'm struggling to figure out how broad/narrow my themes for my two-paragraph essay should be. Currently I'm using imprisonment and power but I was...
  3. E

    Discursive Writing Piece - Year 11 (feedback and advice)

    This writing was a small part of my Year 11 exam, with this section given a mark of 16/20. This story was written in 25 minutes under exam condition. I feel as if it was marked pretty harshly given the time (most of the markers at my school are HSC markers). Any feedback or advice is much...
  4. A

    HSC Tutoring Starting at 35 p/h

    Hi Everyone! We are a small tutoring company based in Sydney and we have begun operating. If anyone is interested in tutoring for any of the following subjects, contact us now at asproututoring@gmail.com - English Advanced - Mathematics Standard - Legal Studies - Geography - Ancient...
  5. B

    99.50 ATAR (6 years experience) English, Eco & Bus. Studies Tutor

    Hey all! My name is Rohan Bhatia - I’m a current Doctor of Medicine student at The University of Sydney and graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.50. Since then, I have built 6 years of tutoring experience teaching over 50 students in both private and group environments. My HSC marks are as...
  6. O

    20/20 exemplar HSC English Advanced essays

    Hi everyone, I received a RAW integer mark of 20/20 on my 2023 HSC English Advanced exam essays for Common Module and Module A - to help out future HSC students, I spent a total of 91 dollars to get these responses back, because I found that reading exemplars was essential to doing well in the...
  7. E


    Skyrocket Your English Marks NOW with Elite Education! Attention, Class of 2024! 🌟 Are you truly committed to band 6ing English? 🌟 🔝 With a phenomenal 48/50 in the English Extension HSC, along with a prestigious 3rd school rank for the subject, I am someone who you can trust to consistently...
  8. A


    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I have recently completed the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  9. A

    Tutoring from 2023 Graduate | English | Maths | Modern History

    Hi all! I'm a recent 2023 graduate from a top 30 school in the state and I'm offering 1 on 1 tutoring for English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 2, and Modern History. Academic Achievements: ATAR: 98.70 English Advanced: 96 (Internal rank of 2/171)...
  10. appleali

    Past The Shallows Common Mod Discussion

    Hey guys, My prescribed text for the common mod is Past The Shallows by Favel Parrett, and our assessment task is a multimodal with a related text. - What are good related texts/films for it? - Does anyone have good notes for Past The Shallows or resources? Thanks
  11. S

    English advanced paper 1 Short answer Tips?

    Heyyy, can someone please give some tips on how to finish your short answer in paper one English advanced especially because I’m going to do that before my essay. I‘ve been practicing some questions under timed conditions…and I feel like I can’t get the short answers done on time I’m giving...
  12. D

    Is dropling English Advanced to Standard worth it for me?

    I've been mostly a C student in advanced, apart from prelims where I got a B because I genuinly studied. I've been unlucky with essay writing times as I'm a slow writer. However standard isn't doing any much better. My mark of 41/60 in advanced was higher than the English standard highest mark...
  13. S

    Paper 1 English Advanced Tips

    HEY guys. how do you guys think I should tackle paper 1? like should I do the short answer first or essay first? In my trials I did essay first which my essay was quite good compared to a lot of other people but my short answer was really bad because of panic and running out of time. I guess I...
  14. D

    English Papers

    I've noticed that there aren't that many english advanced papers on any of the websites (**********, BOS or ACEHSC), so if anyone has them it would be greatly appreciated if they could share them, even your own school papers is fine, because eventually we can collate them all.
  15. H

    Preliminary English Advanced Past Papers

    can u all give english advanced prelim past papers please
  16. savoonu

    Textual Conversation | Mrs Dalloway and The Hours

    Relating to the syllabus terms, I don't know what in Mrs Dalloway and The Hours 'collides'. I have ideas about 'align' and 'mirror', but I'm lost with 'collides'. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you :)
  17. SadCeliac

    Thoughts on memorising for Eng Adv Trials?

    Hi, my Trials are coming up really soon and I'm worried that I'll be memorising the wrong stuff for Eng Adv in the limited time I have left (haven't started memorising yet, English Paper 1 is on the 31st)... I am planning to memorise as much as I can across all four modules, but obviously that...
  18. SadCeliac

    Any tips on 1984 (proposed essay structure) + any good quotes???

    Hi, I know that questions about 1984 are probably posted all the time but I'd love some input from some people better than English Adv than I am! I'm still writing my essay for common mod despite trials coming up for me in <2 weeks, and am hoping to look at the following themes: Loyalty...
  19. N

    should I start english adv tutoring year 11? coaching college or private tutor?

    Our school doesn't offer standard English for year 11 or 12, and so everyone is basically forced to do advanced english. I just got my Eng advanced marks back and for the writing section, I got 11/15 for an assessment following a stimulus. Thankfully, there was another part to the assessment...
  20. moonbow

    quoting the author ?

    i wanted to quote what margaret atwood said in an article for my essay but was wondering if this was more of a history thing or if its fine in english too also is there an accepted or effective way to embed non-prescribed text quotes (its never been mentioned in class) tysm