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  1. Canoeboat

    Is it still possible to get a 95+? Am I cooked?

    This my report, am i cooked? Studies Of Religion 1: 84/100, Rank: 4/32 English Advanced: 71/100, Rank: 11/38 Extension English 1: 66/100, Rank: 1/3 Math Advanced: 77/100, Rank: 11/37 Math Extension 1: 52/100, Rank: 13/16 Biology: 93/100, Rank 3/12 Chemistry: 86/100, Rank: 2/11 Economics: 70/100...
  2. aqwerty13402

    What do I put on my cheat sheet

    I just have a quick question on what to actually put on my cheat sheet. I have an exam in 2 weeks on chapters 2-6 (Cambridge Textbook) and I don't really know what to write on my sheet. I'm pretty good with most chapters so and ofc we get the formula sheet. Would you recommend past hsc questions...
  3. LuqmanA

    How I went from being a D-student to scoring a 95+ ATAR (at a public school)

    Hey everyone! My name is Luqman, and I graduated the HSC in 2022. I am writing this thread to inspire those who are doubting their ability to score the ATAR of their dreams... Those who are disadvantaged and don't go to the best schools... And those who have never had the best grades. Table...
  4. S

    Tips for writing faster?

    Hey, does anyone have tips for writing faster? My hands died in the exams and they are so sore now . Also any pen recommendations lol.
  5. S

    English advanced paper 1 Short answer Tips?

    Heyyy, can someone please give some tips on how to finish your short answer in paper one English advanced especially because I’m going to do that before my essay. I‘ve been practicing some questions under timed conditions…and I feel like I can’t get the short answers done on time I’m giving...
  6. S

    Paper 1 English Advanced Tips

    HEY guys. how do you guys think I should tackle paper 1? like should I do the short answer first or essay first? In my trials I did essay first which my essay was quite good compared to a lot of other people but my short answer was really bad because of panic and running out of time. I guess I...
  7. Y

    Biology 'Working Scientifically Test'

    How do I study for this?? It's a skills test on modules 1 &2
  8. J

    HSC engineering past paper solutions

    Does anyone have the solutions to the past HSC engineering papers with only marking guidelines (2001 - 2008)
  9. emmi.e

    First Year 12 Exam tomorrow, but I don’t know anything???

    Hey everyone, im a Year 11 student but im accelerating in Chemistry. I’m doing Module 7 right now which is Organic Chemistry, tomorrow is my first Year 12 exam on this topic and its worth 25% which i think is a lot. Im screwed, basically, because i started school a week ago and already theres an...
  10. cherrykku


    So I take 12 units and I'm getting a band 6 in every subject EXCEPT for math (advanced) which is a solid low band 5. Is it even worth it to go all out for the math exam? Even if I did manage to get a band 6 in the external I'm pretty sure it'd still average out into a band 5 and not count...
  11. S

    What everyones best method for preparing for exam/essay?

    What the title says also are notes pointless?
  12. D

    Need help on a math exam question

    I would be grateful for any ideas on this question :) , I know the use of the difference between cubes is used but how do you proceed from there?
  13. R

    HSC Multimedia 2020 Thoughts

    Really interested to know what people thought! I (somehow) managed to remember what RTSP stood for, but it was a pretty dumb question IMO. I also thought the 'design a home page' question was stupid. Found it really stressful to desperately remember everything I know about web design (not a lot...