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  1. jsjsjs

    School Potentially Breaking NESA Rules

    My school has half-yearly exams and end of year exams for year 11. A few people have told me that this is not allowed with NESA to give students this many exams in year 11, hence why my school labels our exams as "topic tests" even though they are 2 hours long and have 80 or so marks. My school...
  2. Akanikio

    Subject selection exams

    my schools having subject selection exams next term to determine what subjects we do in year 11 and the exams for math and science are actually hard how should I manage my studying leading up to the exams. Also if anyone has any hard exam papers I can do that would be really helpful
  3. J

    hsc advanced english

    Hi! i was wondering if people could give me an outline of all the hsc advanced english exams and what they can involve - just started year 12 but would like to know what im getting into haha
  4. E

    Preliminary Exams

    I'm assuming most of you guys have your prelims this upcoming week or already had them this week! Best luck everyone. I just wanted to post this thread so after our prelims we could post our marks or talk about how we felt about them. I only have 5 exams this week out of my 7 subjects, what...
  5. S

    Study for yearlies or not?

    My yearly exams are coming very soon, starting in week 2, term 4. I was wondering if it's even worth trying anymore. I have put so much work in from the start of the year up until now and got the subjects that I want to do in year 11 and 12. I chose my subjects in term 3 and I'm pretty confident...
  6. jimmysmith560

    French HSC Exam tips (Beginners, Continuers, Extension)

    Salut à tous ! Here are some tips to help anyone taking French for the HSC :D French Beginners & French Continuers: 2023 French Beginners Exam date: Friday 13 October 2023 French Continuers Exam date: Friday 13 October Listening tips: Make sure you are familiar with all the expressions...
  7. yooook

    2020 (Physics) CSSA - Independent - ACE HSC Trial papers!!!!!!

    If anyone has any of these physics for 2020 with solutions, please dm/pm me, I need to check if I got my answers correct! p.s ik its intellectual property, but if you could just dm/pm me the stuff through, greatly appreciated yoooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  8. L

    Past Trial Papers

    Hey guys, So I was wondering if anybody knows where I could get past trial papers from?? Preferably the 'more difficult' known ones (CSSA, Ruse, etc.) Help is much appreciated :)
  9. I

    How to effectively use reading time to do well in exams

    Hi everyone, I wanted to offer some insight into how I used my reading time in exams when I sat the HSC (a long time ago!) :) My advice is geared towards the Sciences and Math but can be extended to other subjects. When reading time is provided during an assessment, it is generally limited to 5...
  10. H


    I didnt know that whiteout was not allowed in the hsc exams and the supervisors didnt say anything about it even though they looked at what I had for the exam multiple times. So I used it for English, japanese beginners and mathematics. Will it affect my mark and will I get penalised for it?
  11. P

    Advice on rest breaks?

    I've just been granted disability provisions (small group supervision + rest breaks) for my ADHD and anxiety, but I have no idea how I should use them. I'll be sitting some exams in the next few weeks that will allow me to practice with them. For anyone else that has experience with rest breaks...