external transfer

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    Failed at UNSW previously and transferred to UTS for WAM reset. Did well at UTS, want to credit transfer back to UNSW. Will UNSW failed grades remain?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had a similar circumstance to mine, In 2020, I started my first year in Computer Science at UNSW. I felt very unmotivated and was still feeling burnt out from HSC. My incompetence lead me to several failed grades in the 1st trimester. Following this, at the...
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    UTS to USYD Bachelor of Economics

    Hey fellas, Anyone here possibly gone through the process of transferring from UTS to USYD for Bachelor of Economics? I’m about to start university at UTS but just missed out on the entry requirements for USYD Bachelor of Economics. What would the transfer scheme look like and how should I...
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    Transfer to UNSW / WSU Med from another course in another uni

    Hi all, Is it possible to transfer to UNSW / WSU Medicine if I do another course (completely unrelated to med) from another uni? For me, that 'another uni' is USyd. There's no clear cut answer to this question on the UNSW Med website and most other threads I can find are many years outdated...
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    Available credit when externally transferring to USYD Engineering Aero

    Currently studying BE Aerospace Systems at UoN. At the end of next semester I'll have completed: [ENGG1003] [ENGG1500] [MATH1110] [PHYS1210] [CIVL1100] [ELEC1310] [MATH1120] [MECH1110]. Which of these courses would be recognised by USYD (or UNSW) in BE (Aeronautical) and under which...