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high school

  1. A

    I can answer textbook questions but not exam ones

    Hi! so I've decided recently to work on my math more and I thought I was improving but a recent topic test proved me wrong. While I can answer the questions within the textbook, I wasn't able to do so on my test. The questions seemed more confusing and I ended up getting completely lost. How...
  2. T

    I've started a YouTube channel (QingClear) to post some of the *wisdom* I have gathered over my high school years.

    Hi! I've recently graduated and decided to start a YouTube channel named QingClear to share some of the study tips and general knowledge I have gathered over the past 5 or so years. Please check it out and if any of it helps you please subscribe! ;) Latest STUDY TIPS VIDEO --> (part 2 coming...
  3. T


    Hi! I'm a recently graduated selective school student who is available for private Economics tutoring (years 11 and 12). I have over 2 years of teaching experience and a genuine passion for Economics. I will ensure that you achieve complete comprehensive understanding and genuine enjoyment of...
  4. sophieecam

    German Continuers: Will I find the course easy or hard?

    I am a year 10 student who is going into year 11 next year and I recently found out that I was accepted into the German Continuers Course, and I was wondering how much content there is and if I will find the course easy because my mums German and she taught me German from a young age. I can...
  5. L

    Best Physics teachers at Matrix Education?

    Hello everyone, I know this may sound really stupid but I have a friend who goes to Matrix and she complained that her Physics teacher was not that good (I'm not sure about that because I think all teachers have to be qualified in order to teach, maybe?). I was wondering if there are any other...
  6. M

    Do I have a chance of getting a leadership role?

    Hi, this is my first post so apologies if I've posted it in the wrong forum. I'm an international student looking to transfer to an Australian high school next year for Year 11 entry (in 2021). What are my chances of getting selected for a leadership role in either Year 11 or Year 12? I believe...
  7. L

    Is Dux College better than PEAK?

    Hello everyone! I really wanted to go tutoring for Physics and Chemistry at the end October this year (I'm in year 11) and I would prefer to go to an affordable tutoring. However, I am more willing to sacrifice the price for quality tutoring resources. Can anyone please share me some tips...
  8. A

    Going on a Europe Trip

    Hi, I'm a year 11 student and I made a plan to go on a three week holiday from the Easter holidays to the beginning of term 2. I will probably be missing out on the first week of term 2. Will that have too much of an effect on me for HSC?
  9. J

    Do employers care about anything in your school record other than academics?

    Hi all :), Back in year 11, I was a pretty bad kid, eventually I got my name on the school's bully list for constantly arguing with a really entitled kid (I don't know if every school does this, I went to a private school (hence why there was a 'really entitled kid')). Things have gotten...