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  1. tamdz

    does anybody have civil rights notes?

    title. ill pay up to $10
  2. E

    Should I pickup history extension?

    I really really want to do history extension but there are some obvious downsides. Like I‘d have to do it through distance education, it’s obviously difficult and I already do ancient + modern + society so the workload would be a lot. However, history is my absolute favourite and strongest...
  3. LamboGuy24

    Nuremberg Race Laws

    How did the Nazi Party benefit from the Nuremberg Race Laws, in terms of maintaining control.
  4. Y

    Help with Russia & The Soviet Union Essay

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is willing to read an essay I have written for the following question: Account for Stalin’s emergence as leader of the USSR by the late 1920s? I would just like some feedback about the things I did well and what I could improve on. If someone replies and is...
  5. Modern4DaBois

    Does anyone have notes about the political transformation of Russia under Stalin?

    Sup, I have an assignment about the political transformation of Russia under Stalin, and I've chosen to focus on propaganda and show trials. Can anyone pls help with notes about how Stalin transformed Russian politics for his benefit, and how he used propaganda and show trials to eliminate...
  6. 805yeni

    what was the role of kublai khan and what were his achievements and legacy during the medieval era.

    I need to do a research speech and need secondary and primary sources as well as a bibliography
  7. C

    Ancient History or Physics? DROPPING SUBJECTS!! help!!

    Currently i’m doing physics but for the longest time (during the holidays) I wanted to just do chemistry and drop physics for another subject. However, so many people seem to do two sciences and seem to love physics. So I don’t know whether it was because my tutor taught me badly, so should i...
  8. W

    Struggling with a question/specific topic

    Hi all, I am currently doing my major work for His Ext, however I am struggling to formulate a possible question or specific field of inquiry with which I can base my essay around. my overarching topic at the moment is Donald Trump, its really the only "historical topic" that interests me...
  9. periodmami

    Should I do History Extension?

    Hey, my school is currently in the process of finding students to join History Extension. I've achieved good grades in modern, with my results being 1/40 in the first assessment with a score of 25/25 and 5/40 and a score of 27/30 for the second task. Do these grades correlate to history ext at...
  10. M

    Historical Investigation

    This is a pretty dumb request, but I have an Historical Investigation assessment coming up in Modern History and need some help with wording my topic question. My topic question is "To what extent can Art of the Third Reich shed light on Nazi policy?" but I'm not really satisfied with it. Does...
  11. EpicNoob

    What's a essay proposal

    This may seem like a dumb question, but i never done one before for any of my classes during my 4 years in high school, for modern history we have to do a essay proposal i am pretty sure we have to talk about the topic we are doing, why we chose it, why we proposed this topic but i'm not sure if...