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  1. M

    Year 12, 11 And Lower Books For Sale

    Hey guys, I am clearing out my Year 12 and past books, of my brothers, I retrieved (Of Years 8-11) at cheap rates and most of great conditions that can be negotiated. These include a range of subjects like Biology; Blitzing (COLLECTION OF PAST PAPERS), Surfing complete, (ALL 3 Not used) YEAR 11...
  2. 9

    I'm going into preliminary year and HSC (12) for some subjects and terrified. HELP

    2022, I'm going into prelim with subjects -biology -chemistry -english advanced -english ext 1 -music 1 These subjects are accelerated and taking the HSC (2022) for -Maths advanced -Maths ext1 -SOR (Studies of Religion1) I haven't really consulted an expert for my subject choices just fully on...
  3. cherrykku


    So I take 12 units and I'm getting a band 6 in every subject EXCEPT for math (advanced) which is a solid low band 5. Is it even worth it to go all out for the math exam? Even if I did manage to get a band 6 in the external I'm pretty sure it'd still average out into a band 5 and not count...